Thursday, October 25, 2012

Read Aloud Thursday: We Went to the Library

It's time for another Read Aloud Thursday at Hope is the Word!

I know that this does not make sense to a lot of people, but I really hate going to the library. I have tried to love it. I have tried to make myself enjoy the beauty which it is to other people. I acknowledge that it's lovely to be able to check out a book and see if you like it before you buy it. I especially acknowledge that it's great to check out movies for "free"! It exposes children to a wonderful array of books and authors that they will never experience unless their mother is a rabid children's book collector and book reviewer. (My children have much to be grateful for.) The reason I don't like going to the library is simple: I never fail to miss the deadline for taking the books and movies back. And so I am almost always in a possession of a fine and sometimes it would have been easier for me to have bought the book (used, like I usually do) than to have checked it out from the library in the first place. That to say, it is rare treat when we actually do go.

A few weeks ago Daddy had to be out of town on business and I didn't want to spend money to entertain us while he was gone so we went to the library. We pulled up and my children were very confused. They know what the places is - but they also know we don't always go there. "What are we doing here?!" they asked. (I'm sure this question makes some of you sad. But before you start to cry, please realize that our floors are decorated with books. Occasionally I see carpet.) Then we went inside and they reminded me of the other reason I don't like going to the library: the 3-to-1 ratio when everything around them is a possibility. So, it was a treat to them, you see.

With gusto and enthusiasm they picked up the following books:

Clifford's Birthday Party. Bookworm2 (age 3) is a big fan of Clifford at the moment so he found the Clifford books right away and was very enthusiastic. Bookworm3 loves all things "DOGGIES" so she didn't complain. It was fitting that we would bring this book home this past week as:

1. Clifford turns 50 this year!; and
2. Bookworm1 turned SIX this past week! (Yesterday, as a matter of fact!)

Randy's Dandy Lions was Bookworm1's pick. (I guess we don't really stray that far from what we love, even when we go to the library.) We don't own this title and hadn't read it so it was a great one to check out! In this story, Randy owns a pack of circus lions who suffer from terrible stage fright. In order to get them to perform, the circus master, Colonel Bowers, fires Randy and hires a tough guy with a whip to scare those lions into action. Bowers' idea backfires in part, but the lions do get on with the show in the end. This entire story is told in rhyme and, as always with Bill Peet, is very clever.

Apples A to Z is a relatively new release and was out on display in the children's section. It is so awesome that I have thrown it onto my Amazon wishlist for future purchase. What makes this book is the author, Margaret McNamara. No. What makes this book is the illustrations by Jake Parker. Hmm. Well, the two combined sure created a hit as far as we're concerned!

Here's another confession: sometimes I don't like books which tell their story through use of the alphabet. Sometimes I do but it can become a little old. Apples A to Z does this but in a very appealing sort of way. McNamara does not talk down to her young readers, and yet manages to teach about varieties of apples, parts of an apple tree, the shape of apple tree leaves, how and why apples are classified as a fruit and so much more. The illustrations by Parker make for animals which are cute and cuddly. I am fond of cute and cuddly animals. This book was very much enjoyed by all. Best book for apple season that I know of yet!

Lastly, A Night on the Range was just too cute. We liked it, but I have a little nephew that I think would like it even more! It's the story of a little boy who wants to be a cowboy is a cowboy, rustlin' up cattle and mosey-ing about with his trusty mount dog. He's ready for some Cowboy Campin' which his father decides to let him try out on the range in the backyard. He's so proud to be campin' out by himself . . . until he starts hearing things.

Very, very cute and, like I say, I think I have a nephew who this one is perfect for!

And so we conclude another library experience. And I'm writing this post because the books are all about due now so I've had to run around the house to gather them up in order to have something to post about! Handy tool, this Read Aloud Thursday.


Barbara H. said...

Happy birthday to Bookworm 1!

We loved library times. In fact, one time recently when I was there I saw a mom and kids going in and almost got teary. One time we even met Mr. McFeely from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood there!

We went regularly, so turning things on time wasn't so much the problem -- finding them all amidst our own was the problem we faced most. One was lost -- and we found it much later between the bed and the wall.

Stephanie said...

Hee. : ) I think it's great that you have a library phobia. : )

We are regulars at ours and I've been known to rack up a fine or two, but thankfully they never get out-of-hand. With as many as we check out, I consider a $2-3 donation every few months well worth the convenience!

Kristin said...

Too funny! I forget that not all libraries don't do fines. Eventually after a long time, they will charge you for the book and lock your card (it has to be VERY late). But even then, if you bring the item in, everything is forgiven. We use the library a lot....we regularly max out the 100 item limit.
Ummm...does anyone else have a problem with the word verification. I've tried it 5 times so far!!!

Carrie said...

@Kristin - I have a love/hate relationship with word verification. I turn it on, on busy days or when I'm not going to be around the computer much in order to cut down on spam. I get TERRIFIC amounts of spam. Yesterday was a busy day so I had turned it on. But I just turned it off again.

Cassandra said...

Happy birthday, Bookworm1! Hurray for birthdays!

I think your library dislike is amusing, considering your love for books. ;) But there is nothing wrong with that so don't let people tell you otherwise!

I love the library because my reading doesn't match my budget. If I had to buy all the books I read, I wouldn't be reading nearly as much. And that is a shame. Unfortunately, our budget is still tied up in buying furniture. You know, like a couch. hehe.

Annette Whipple said...

I do like the library for some fresh books. We borrow 20-30 for 3 weeks at a time...but during the school year don't get to all of them.

Have you actually checked that your spam is published as comments? Mine is almost always sent to spam comments. I hate verification!

Trish said...

I usually put things on hold and then go pick them up to save time in the library, but now they even have a fine if you don't pick up a book you had on hold within a certain number of days after they contact you!

The Giggling Gull said...

I don't like the library either! Most people I tell that to don't understand me. I'm happy to find a kindred spirit in this.

Stephanie Kay said...

I also have a love-hate relationship with the library. Months ago our library changed their online reserve/hold system and for the life of me I can't get it to work. So we haven't been in months and months. My kids keep asking to go and I keep putting them off. When we go they all scatter and come back with armfuls of mediocre books. So for now we're sticking with the great books on our own shelves.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Well, you know I love my library. :-) I actually paid an $8.xx late fine this week at one of them (which is higher than my normal fines, but things have been hectic here), but I didn't flinch because that much wouldn't even have purchased one of the many, many books we've enjoyed there. Plus, in the midst of Cybils, there's no way I could purchase all the new titles (nor would I want to) that I want to read. Library=free-ish books that require no permanent shelf space (which is at a premium) in our home.

Of course, that's not to say I don't understand your reasons for not using the library. ;-) The books you did find look good!

I'm so glad you linked up to RAT this week1

*carrie* said...

Thanks for the book suggestions. We go to the library at least once a week!

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