Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A bit of this and a bit of that

Barbara H. from Stray Thoughts sent me the link to this article talking about the new cover given to the "first three Anne of Green Gables" book. She thought that cover art might "curl my toes" and indeed, it did! So did saying, "the first three Anne of Green Gables."


It isn't often that I blog over at Living Like a Narnian. (It had been a good year.) However, I read an article on creating boundaries in marriage (which no longer appears to available online - weird!) and I agreed with it. I ended up writing my thoughts on "old-fashioned" boundaries in marriage.


I mentioned in my nightstand post that I would be reading the book Pew Sisters. I did so and my review was published at 5 Minutes for Books if you are interested in reading it. (If you click on the title of the book, it will take you to my review.)

It wasn't a favorite. Not bad, necessarily. Just not best.


This past weekend we were able to getaway for a little family adventure on top of a nearby snowy mountain. There was a lake that was frozen over and we were able to walk on it. I've never seen such a thing! This Texan was seriously impressed and amazed!

NOW I can imagine what it would be like for covered wagons to traverse icy lakes. Adventures are fun.


Lastly, a little frivolity! If you have some spare minutes and are a big fan of Downton Abbey, then you just might get a kick out of these spoofs! (Note: It will not mean anything to do you and may even prove disappointing if you have not finished Season 1.) Also, there is one bad word. But if you watch Downton Abbey, there shouldn't be anything that is too disturbing.



And yes, I am up-to-date with the current episode. And yes -- SHOCKING! AHHH!


Shonya said...

Oh, that cover! Curled toes indeed!!! I've never watched Downton Abbey but I think I might be the only one. Lol it's everywhere!

Diary of an Autodidact said...

It is thoroughly amazing to me that an entire marketing department can design and approve a cover that clearly violates the actual words of the book.

It's one thing to miss a minor detail, but hair color should be obvious - even to a marketing troll.


Queen of Carrots said...

Wait! I figured it out! It's actually a picture of Ruby Gillis. Just because.

Annette Whipple said...

I was just going to watch DA season 3 from the beginning on Today I put a hold (long wait) at the library.

QUeen of that!

So I went to Amazon to look...that book is independently published. I left my first "review" of an item that I had not read/owned.

Joyful Reader said...

Thanks for sharing the article on Anne! That was terrible. I would never have read or purchased such a book for my family if it had that vixen on the cover!
Shonya...You are not the only one. I have never see it either.

Stephanie Kay said...

What's up with that cover? It has nothing to do with the Anne story. How disappointing.

Barbara H. said...

I've never been over completely frozen water, either. I think I'd have a hard time trusting it!

I saw a spoof called Renton Abbey about guys in a trailer. The brief story didn't make sense or seem connected to the show, but the opening showed dog hair on the floor and paper plates with plastic cutlery askew -- had a good laugh at that. And there is a Sesame Street spoof as well.

By the current episode, do you mean the one currently airing on PBS or the end of season 3? I knew something was going to happen because a cast member was reported not to be coming back, but it was indeed shocking.

I very much agree about the cover -- not only the wrong hair color, so integral to the story, but the clothes and expression were just all wrong. I thought perhaps it might have been a "modern retelling" of the story (though the hair would still be wrong) but nothing in the description said it was.

Stephanie said...

That cover! My eyes! Aaahhh! : )

Litterairy said...

That is a ghastly cover. I always considered the late 70s Grosset and Dunlop covers to be horrid as well. It took me years to get beyond the cover photos and actually read the Chronicles of Avonlea at our library for this very reason.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

. . . And thanks to autocorrect, I now look like someone who doesn't know the purposes of the apostrophe

BerlinerinPoet said...

AGH! That cover! I think most of your regular commenters have said enough, but that is DREADFUL!

Carrie said...

@QOC - HA! It's the best explanation.

Litterairy - Yes, I agree. Those covers are equally atrocious. I've seen them a few times and I cannot bring myself to pick them up. You can't put Anne in 1970. It doesn't work.

Bluerose said...

It looks as if so many bad reviews about that cover came in so quickly that Amazon has since removed it(the cover, not the book)! :D Maybe it won't be published anymore, because it was a ridiculous cover.

Isn't Createspace a publishing company that lets ANYONE publish a book? It looks like someone simply wanted to get their picture "out there" for modeling. :S

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