Monday, April 01, 2013

Watch Me Grow Picture Books (giveaway!)

I really loved both of these books. A lot. They are perfect for where my kids are at. And while this first title moralizes a bit, it doesn't come across in an obnoxious way at all.

In Little Raccoon Learns to Share we learn that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive. Little Raccoon's favorite word is "mine!" (I'm on my third two year old. This third one is claiming more for herself than the other two combined.)

When we meet Little Raccoon, she is picking raspberries when her friends come upon the scene. She is picking berries and has a whole bushel full, but when she sees her friends she hides. She is afraid that if they see her, they will want to eat her berries and she really wants to be able to enjoy them all for herself. Her friends are never aware of her presence but they are having fun playing and together decide to have a little party and enjoy a meal. Each friend volunteers to bring something to the meal to share. Little Raccoon isn't invited because they don't know that she is there! She is so consumed with worry about having to share that she is missing out on a wonderful time with her friends! The book resolves well and she comes to see that sharing her bounty is the best idea as it allows her to have fellowship with others.

I really love this book for many reasons. For one thing, it is very short and easy to read, boasting 4-10 sentences per page spread. It is a quick enough read to hold my youngest child's attention which makes this book most suitable for children who are learning not to say "MINE!" with such freedom and gusto! Secondly, the story doesn't come off as preachy. It's easy to see that Little Raccoon is the loser of the story. But for her fear that she will not have enough to make her own self happy, she would be enjoying life a whole lot more! (Perhaps this book is a good refresher for some of us adults as well, no?)

Furthermore, the illustrations by Lisa McCue feature adorable little animals that look all cute and cuddly, making the story infinitely more palatable. I also wanted to eat some berries after reading this book.

Next up, there is Little Chipmunk's Wiggly, Wobbly Tooth. Several years back I referenced a few picture books about loose teeth. We've read those titles over and over again and I was positively delighted when Little Chipmunk showed up on our doorstep, all concerned about losing his first tooth!

In this story, Little Chimpmunk is quite concerned when his tooth begins to feel loose. He fears for his smile (i.e, the way he'll look with a missing tooth) and his inability to whistle well. He isn't aware of the fact that another tooth will refill the hole until the dentist assures him that losing baby teeth is a natural part of growing up. Once assured, he finds glory and excitement in losing his tooth and is no longer worried. It's a very calm and reassuring book about what it will be like to lose a tooth. My oldest was very concerned about the process until it began. (He's now lost about 6 baby teeth and is now all-knowing on this front.) The next son in line isn't worried because his brother has lost teeth and is still living and eating so it must not be all that bad.

Still, I think this book is a cute edition to any home library or a great gift to give a young child who is on the verge of losing their first tooth. It can be a scary concept when it's not happened to you and I'm glad to have found another title on this subject to love.

Thanks to Sterling Publishing for shooting the above copies my direction in exchange for my honest opinion. I honestly love them both very much!

Furthermore, I am delighted to let you know that they have offered 1 set of these two books to 1 of you! Would you care to win the above titles? Simply leave your name and a valid e-mail address in the comment section below! This contest is available to US Residents only and will be open through Monday, April 8th.

This contest is part of today's April Fools' Giveaway Event. Click on the link to see what else is up for grabs today!



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These sound like us, too! Very cute illustrations, too.

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I FB'd it, too.

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These look really cute and I'm a firm believer... never too many children's books! Especially at the rate they get destroyed. :(
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These look fun!

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My boys, especially M, would love these. :)

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I'd love to have these for my son to grow into! WordLily AT

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These look really cute!

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I tweeted.

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I'd love to win these for my grandson! Thank you!

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Rainbow said...

Both important topics for kiddos! Thanks!

The Giggling Gull said...

So many giveaways! What fun! marijotaverne @ clear wire . net

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Cute! These would make great gifts!

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libby said...

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