Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Very Random Assortment of (Mostly) Undeveloped Thoughts

Sometimes I just like to know the tidbits of thoughts that are passing through the minds of my friends. (And sometimes I really don't think I need to know them.) This is a collection of my random thoughts, probably being shared here because I'm not on Facebook and feel the need to ramble in short statements. Ignore this if you wish.


I recently read an article (that I failed to mark . . . but its a prominent theme online) about how some mother somewhere didn't want her daughter obsessed with Disney Princesses. She was arguing that reality doesn't include happily every afters, not everyone gets married and your brain is more important than your outward appearance, etc.

It should come as no surprise but I'm a fan of Disney stories and, yes, even the princesses. (My favorite princess? Rapunzel. It used to be Belle.) I have no problems with my daughter liking the concept of princesses or pretending to be one anymore than I mind my sons thinking of themselves in terms of heroic knights and princes. I've been wondering why it is that so many people object to such things and I have a theory as to a contributing factor in all of this:

It's much harder to train your daughters to be people of character such that they would accept anything less than a prince charming than it is to not. It's much harder to train sons to be noble, to instill good manners, the need to pursue wisdom (i.e, God) than it is to not. Society says that reality is that men aren't heroes and women need to learn to stand alone. But that's not at all how God created things to be. He has laid out his expectations for men and women in scripture and if you commit to training up your children to be obedient, kind, loving to others, generous, noble and all of these other things (i.e., teach them who they are in Christ and to pursue Him above all other things) then it is quite reasonable for a woman to expect to marry a man of integrity and honor . . . and to resist the urge to settle for anything less!

My daughter, playing and dreaming, with my full approval and blessing:


My children have all expressed a desire to cook with me in the kitchen. So I start cooking, like, an hour or so (I exaggerate...a little) before we need to eat in order to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. (I jest. In part.) I know I need to teach them (for how else are they supposed to learn?) but wow. The kitchen has turned into a beehive.

On that note, I need to save THIS RECIPE from Annette because I'd like to make it next week.


This past month we went to California to visit family, friends (and yes, go to Disneyland). To my great delight, it (finally!!!) worked out to drive to the coastline and see my friend, Sky! (THE Sky who hosted The Jungle Book discussion.)

We met each other in Texas roughly 15 years ago and have been friends ever since. And now our children are friends. (Her daughter and my middle son are "buds" when they are together. And the boys were somewhat wrapped up in Legos.) It was great to be able to spend time with each other and our respective families. We were even given a girl's night out! (Thank you, husbands!) I'll be remembering this visit fondly.


I kind of want to have a Book Party for other kids in our area. I can't think of the best way to organize it. I feel like I don't quite have an idea for how to pull it off in my mind. I'm taking suggestions. Do you have any ideas on how I could go about accomplishing this?


I bought a new dress and my children asked to see it. I pulled it out of the closet and my daughter said, "Oooooh. Maybe you could wear that to your wedding!"

Normally I'm not a dress person but I'm working on becoming more so. It was sort of a big deal that I wore a dress to my sister-in-law's wedding. (I liked wearing it; I've just been more of a skirt sort of gal.) Here's a picture of my husband and I from the family wedding:


For grins:

Happy Wednesday!

All thoughts expressed in this post are 100% my own. I have received no compensation whatsoever for anything I have said here, not even one little bit. I just feel pressed to reiterate this for no good reason. Bad, senseless habits.


Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a neat family trip! Somehow we have never been to a Disney theme park, but I'd love to take the family some time. And how neat to meet up with a friend!

I don't have any problems with girls playing princess or guys playing knights, either. They all seem to go through those phases.

I was just thinking recently that I don't know if I like it when parents call their daughters "Princess" all the time, though. I've wondered how it would be to be "princessed" all one's life and then have to face a decidedly un-princess-like work like scrubbing toilets and changing diapers. But for most parents it is just a sweet name, I know - it's not like they treat their daughter like royalty and have people wait on her hand and foot and such. I also cringe a little when I hear grown women being called "Baby Girl" by their parents, or worse, by their husbands. But, again -- to each his or her own.

I love dresses. I think I'd have more variety to my wardrobe with skirts, but they don't work too well for me just now.

Love the photos!

Annette Whipple said...

FUN post. I do hope you enjoy the cheeseburger mac. :)

I think my initial inclination to be opposed to princesses was more with the child being called princess... princess shirts...princess merchandise...but I do like fairy tales for the children. Disney-fied merchandise not such a fan. BUT we have it!

I wish someone could dress me to look my best (or lose several inches off my waist). My favorite dress is too big for me now (weight shift/not lost).

Susan said...

Have you ever read CINDERELLA ATE MY DAUGHTER by Peggy Orenstein? It's a really interesting book about the whole princess thing and how it affects little (and big) girls. I didn't agree with EVERYTHING the author said, but I thought the book was both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Here's my review of the, if you're interested:

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Book party? What is this of which you write?

I want to come! ;-)

Sky said...

THE Sky, ha!
Random assortment is my favorite!

I have someone close to me who doesn't like the whole Disney princess thing, or didn't, her views may have changed since she had a daughter.... ;-)
My favorite princess is Belle but Rapunzel and Merida tie for a close second now.
(My favorite fairy tale princess is the sister of the six princes who get turned into swans.)
We talk to Z about how a princess is loving and kind and works while singing and not grumbling, there are many Christian morals and characteristics we can pull out of Disney's princess stories.

I realized a short while ago that I probably shouldn't call her Baby Girl anymore. sigh. She's five. She needs to be a growing girl, a graceful girl, a loving girl. But no, not a baby.

*carrie* said...

Enjoyed seeing some recent pictures of you, Carrie! Glad you had a fun trip.

Bluerose said...

I finally deactivated my Facebook last week. I read Unfriend Yourself for motivation. It worked!

That said, this post was especially fun to read! ;)

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