Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Meme

Barbara at Stray Thoughts created a new Christmas meme the other day and I really wanted to participate in it because, as she said, bloggers don't really do these things these days. I think that's sort of a pity because these are the very things that helped us to get to know one another better in times past. I know time is an issue, and this meme will take some time, but I'm gonna do it!

Q: What is your favorite Christmas song?

A: Well, it used to be this one and then a few years ago someone pointed out a theological error in it which I agreed with and so it kind of spoiled the song for me. And now I can't even remember what the error was (as I sort of quit listening to the song at that time).

So now my favorite is probably Jesus, Joy of the Highest Heaven by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

Jesus, King of the highest heaven 
Learning to take His first steps, 
That He might bring us life. 
Like us, knowing our smiles and sorrows, 
He showed the way to follow, 
A way that is true and right. 
Jesus, take away every darkness, 
Steady my simple footsteps 
That I might in your goodness 
Live as a child of God.

Q: Favorite Christmas Special/Movie?


Q: What sort of goodies do you make in December?

A: Caramel corn. Gingerbread bears (using Barbara's recipe!). And Jonathan makes the most delicious chocolate peanut butter balls known to mankind.  

Q: Favorite Christmas beverage? 

(Get the picture?)  

Q: How many Christmas parties do you usually attend? 

 A:  How many do I throw? I don't know if the idea of a Christmas party has fallen out of style or what but we are never invited to any and that's not because we don't know anyone! Admittedly, we have spent time lamenting this fact. Then last year we just decided that if no one else will throw any, then we will! We usually throw 3-4 for different groups and with different focuses.

Q: Do you go Christmas caroling? Does anyone come caroling to your house?

A: Again with the idea of it having fallen something out of practice. (SAD!) So this year we're doing it as part of one of the aforementioned Christmas parties. It simply must be done, yes?!  

Q: What's on your front door at Christmas?

A: A wreath. Here's a picture of the front of our house (with the wreath on it) on a recent snowy night. (Hopefully by the time this post goes live, that same snow will have disappeared. It's been there for about a week now which is rather unusual!)

Q: When do you put the tree up and take it down?  

A: We put it up as soon as I feel like it post-Thanksgiving. We take it down when I feel that, at long last, it really ought to come down. Usually January 1st-ish.  

Q: Do you decorate with traditional red and green? Or with other colors?  

A: We live in a log house and so I tend to lean towards using natural colors - dark greens, cranberry, and brown. Our Christmas decorations tend to follow suit.

Q: How many Christmas trees do you put up (large and small)?  

A: We put up one main one every year. Here is a picture of it this year:

If we're feeling enthusiastic (which we were this year) we put up another one that is also larger but without so many ornaments. (It's my "coordinated tree" with lights and pinecones.) The children have a mini tree which they put into their room.  

Q: Are your Christmas decorates themed or hodgepodge?   

A: Hodgepodge! When we first got married I was all about themes and color coordination. Now that we have kids I'm all about the loveliness of hodgepodge and the memories that each thing represents.  

Q: Ham, turkey, both or something else for Christmas dinner?

A: We do something different every year. Last year my MIL made chicken. I have no idea what we're doing this year! My SIL is hosting this year and is planning the main meal.  

Q: Do you have any Christmas traditions that are unusual or out-of-the-ordinary?

A: I don't know that I'd know it if we did. Our tradition is that we really don't have any traditions. All the years I was growing up, my family lived long distances from family and so we found ourselves spending Christmases with any variety of people. Each year we did something different. Since Jonathan and I have been married, we also have done something different each year.

Perhaps the one thing that is more unique is an idea I got from Amy at Hope is the Word. She wraps her Christmas books for her kids to open each day during the month of December. (She posted about it again this year.) We picked up that habit about three years ago and the kids are not going to let me stop anytime soon! We all rather love that tradition. I didn't think of it as terribly unique but a friend was over and she noticed our book basket and thought it was a fantastic idea. She plans to do it with her kids also in the future. It really is rather fun!

Q: Do you display Christmas cards in a particular way?  

A: I have a card holder that we stick them into.  

Q: What do you do with Christmas cards you have received after the holidays are over?  

A: I usually go through the stack again, re-read any letters that I wish to, and save all of the pictures. Then I pick out the pictures of the people we keep in touch with year 'round or wish to remember to pray for and those pictures go up on our fridge.

 Q: Christmas newsletters: Love 'em or hate 'em?  


Thanks, Barbara, for taking the time to think up some new questions and to share your answers also.

Anyone else want to play? You can answer the questions in the comment section below if you'd like (I'd love to hear your answers!) or create your own blog post and share it with us!



Stephanie said...

This is fun! I may try and do this if I get a spare minute. : ) I love your log cabin and have a little bit of snow envy although I know you are ready for a thaw!

Your tree is beautiful! And tall!

Annette Whipple said...

:) I was thinking about this one, too. Just haven't done it...or much blogging for that matter.


Monica said...

my goodness you are busy! all those parties and caroling! Your home is beautiful! Looks like a Christmas card!

Thanks for sharing!

Bluerose said...

Wow! (at the parties y'all throw for Christmas) That is wonderful, though! I was hoping to have a couple of "parties" at our house this year, but sickness has taken up residence for several weeks now and just won't leave us. :S Maybe it will leave in time for my family's get together.

Your tree is beautiful! I love Holiday Inn, too. And, White Christmas. (Christmas without at least a little Bing Crosby is incomplete for me!) ;)

I miss all these kinds of memes!

*carrie* said...

I love the photos of your tree and front door!

Peanut butter chocolate balls are one of my favorites, but I've never made them myself.

We're in our third year of wrapping up a book per day; unfortunately, Nathan is not interested in participating this year. =(

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I enjoyed reading about your Christmases, Carrie! Your home is beautiful!

I jumped in, too!

Shonya said...

I agree, memes are fun to get to know one another better. I had to chuckle at your throwing multiple Christmas parties-that didn't surprise me in the least. I just posted about the party we had based around the movie Elf (it's just so quotable!) last Friday night.

We usually go caroling at nursing homes. They seem to enjoy the children and their, um, ENERGETIC singing. :)

Barbara H. said...

I enjoyed reading these! I had forgotten you lived in a log home - just lovely, especially this time of year.

I love that you throw Christmas parties! There are so many organizational ones (work, SS class, etc. - whatever group one is in seems to have a Christmas gathering) that the personal ones in homes seem to have gone by the wayside, and I miss them. One friend used to throw after-Christmas parties, and I am strongly thinking about that. I am not sure if we can do it with Jim's mom's here and tending to her needs in the evening, but we'll see.

I like the book idea, too.

I hadn't heard the first song you mentioned, but I love the Getty's one.

I'm thrilled to know you use the gingerbread bears recipe!

Cassandra said...

I love the idea of wrapping Christmas books. And I don't own any! Must remedy that...

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