Wednesday, July 09, 2014

101 Dalmations :: Reading to Know Classics Book Club - July

This month the classics book club is reading 101 Dalmatians, by Dodie Smith. It's a fun one to grab and read with your kids this summer (alongside Narnia, of course)!

Reading to Know - Book Club

Amy from Hope is the Word selected this read for us and here are her opening remarks:


I made a Classics Club booklist several years ago for a now-defunct online challenge. On the list I put classics that I always meant to read but had never made the time to read, as well as ones I hadn’t really thought much about before I discovered the world of book blogs almost a decade ago now. I tried to split my titles up between lengthier adult titles and easier juvenile titles. I added both of Dodie Smith’s well-known novels, 101 Dalmatians and I Capture the Castle, to my list. I really wanted to read I Capture the Castle, but it seemed a shame to read it and not read 101 Dalmatians (especially since I already owned a copy!), so I added it, too, planning to read it aloud to my children. I do hope you’ll join us this month in our trek through this delightfully doggy story!


I, Carrie, read this book back in 2009. At that time, I indicated that I would plan on reading this aloud to my kids one day and have looked forward to doing so. Amy is offering me the opportunity to do just that this month!

I'm glad for a chance to re-read it for several reasons:

1. I've forgotten the specifics of it;
2. We're planning a family trip to England next year and I'm working on preparing the kids through English children's literature (How else?); and
3. I think it's fun reading the books that Disney moves are based on. (I've created a list of books that match up with Disney movies if you want to take a peek.)

Reading 101 Dalmatians with my kids is going to be fun! I hope you'll join in with us. Let us know if you plan on participating by leaving a comment below.


Stephanie said...

I'm in. Not sure I'll get to it as a read-aloud, but I'm sure enjoying it. (About 1/3 of the way through...)

Carol in Oregon said...

Carrie, are you familiar with How the Heather Looks? The subtitle is A Joyous Journey to the British Sources of Children's Books.

I read it before our trip to England in 2008. My husband's childhood reading consisted of, perhaps, one Dr. Seuss book. So our focus was on castles and cathedrals.

My sister-in-law and I dream about a trip to England with a focus on children's literature. We fondly call it the Sturdy Shoe Trip.

Carrie said...

@Carol - My friend QOC recommended it and I just began to read it this past week! Loving it. Dreaming a lot!

Cassandra said...

I'm in if I can get a copy from the library. They only own ONE copy and it's checked out right now. :( You know, a lot of the book club books are checked out during the month they are being read here. I wonder if you have another reader in my area...

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

We finished it yesterday! We enjoyed it so much, and I'm so glad others are playing along!

Shonya said...

I'm behind. . .so dreadfully, dreadfully behind. But we're reading this one and enjoying it!! :)

BerlinerinPoet said...

1. ENGLAND!?! How fun!
2. Thanks for this list of books adapted to Disney films.
3. Totally unrelated comment, but every time you or someone on your comments mentions "How the Heather Looks" I keep thinking they are asking you how I look. Or you are asking how I look. I get very surprised every time.

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