Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gone Readin'

You are not likely to find any book reviews here this week.


Because I'm reading. And reading. And reading.

Mostly I'm reading Harry Potter (sort of zooming through the end of the series here). And that explanation alone is enough to make some of you understand why I can't stop to write! :D

(No spoilers, please!!! I'm reading this series for the first time and part of the reason I'm trying to zoom through the end is so that no one will accidentally spoil it before I find out what happens for myself!)

Do you think Wilde was talking about Harry Potter? Hmmm.

I'm reaaaaaallly starting to care about what happens in these books!

But life is not just about Potter. No. There is some Dostoyevsky thrown into the mix. I'm reading a section of our bookclub book here and there and I find it intriguing. I'm glad to be reading it and it makes for a different sort of read alongside Potter (to say the least).

I'm also still reading books about England (specifically Remember, Remember).

And then my friend convinced me to read Agnes Grey this month. (It wasn't hard to convince me. More like, "Oh, twist my arm already." I'm an easy sell.)

So I'm busy reading. Which means I'll be back with a bunch of reviews shortly. Stay tuned.


Shonya said...

I'm trying not to feel jealous of your escape-reading. It sounds delightful!

And I'm not very far into The Brothers Karamazov (gulp), but I am finding it enjoyable and interesting as well.

Enjoy your reading week!!!

Cassandra said...

I'm thrilled that you're reading. Me too! I've finished three books in the last two days. Mind you, I didn't read three books in two days, just happened to wrap them all up within less than 48 hours of each other. Books are Good. Very Good.

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

I'm just a bit jealous. ;)

Michelle said...

I have also been winding down some books for personal reading. I have not decided on my next books for review. God Speed to you...

Barbara H. said...

Happy reading. :-)

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