Friday, April 17, 2015

Are You My Daddy?

Here are a couple of books which have floated through my mailbox of late, all from Scholastic Books. I realized recently that I've featured children's books less and less around these parts. I'll have to rectify that situation. I've been thinking about sharing the books which we purchased for our home collection and enjoy with great regularity. Soon. In the meantime though, here are a couple of new titles for consideration.

Walter the Walrus is playing a game of hide-and-seek with his father in the book Are You My Daddy?. Their game takes them around the zoo and through various animal exhibits. Walter is trying to find his daddy, of course, and keeps mistaking his mustache for another animal's bushy eyebrows, shaggy mane and/or furry goatee. In short, it's a cute story about a father and son playing together and who doesn't like that?

Bonus points for this book being the interactive sort. There are pages to turn out, slide features (you can move the penguin in and out of his home), or pet the goats fluffy beard. The first time I opened this book to read it to Bookworm4 (age 2) he totally cracked up over the penguin. This book is definitely a favorite.

Counting Dogs is also an interactive book. This is a storybox book which, if you are unfamiliar with the term, means that the pages are all set into a box, of sorts. Each page spread is of a different length so they are stacked up on each other as you flip through. Although you'd get the idea from the cover art and the title, dogs are not the only animal featured. Each spread has you counting owls, bats, flamingos, or fish. There is a dog featured on every page, being engaged with the other animals in some form or fashion but it is not exclusively about dogs. I found this somewhat unfortunate as our two year old seems to really enjoy pretending that he is one. (Always cracks me up. Always.)

This is a cute book to encourage counting skills, but don't pick it up if you are interest stems from the cute puppies featured on the front cover.

Many thanks to Scholastic Books for sending the above titles my direction in order to facilitate this review. I received no additional compensation and all options are 100% my own.

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