Monday, April 27, 2015

Caught My Eye

Every week Barbara has a Laudable Links post which I've always rather enjoyed. In this post series, she'll share both funny and seriously thought provoking things which caught her attention as she browsed the web. I probably won't make this a regular habit but I did read a few things these past few weeks which I thought were particularly interesting..

  • I really appreciated this article by the ladies at Out of the Ordinary which talks about something worth fighting for. I love the point that the author of this post makes - that sometimes church is challenging for the "simple" fact that we cannot get over ourselves. Our own (frequently unfounded) fears keep us from fellowship with our fellow believers in a way which would benefit everyone and we need to fight against our fears to be a part of something which God established for our good (and His glory).
  • This article which talks about the "surprising study" which finds that babies feel pain just likes adults feel pain. Even a one day old can feel pain. (Someone explain the word "surprising" to me as relates to this article.) If we can assume that one day olds can feel pain then can we not assume - or at least ask the question - as to whether infants can also feel pain inside the womb?
  • Amy at Hope is the Word reviewed Red Sails to Capri, by Ann Weil and her review has left me with no choice but to read it for myself.
  • This post over at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me on Choosing to See What is Beautiful. A lovely reminder.

Ok, I never do this, really.....

One more:

Lastly, I'll leave you with this new single from Laura Story which I really, really love.

I've known rejections
I've bought the lie that I could never overcome the hurt inside
With arms of mercy You reach for me
Tore the veil away and gave me eyes to see
You're all I need

And I never knew love
I never knew truth
I never peace, the sweet release that brought me through
I never knew freedom, what grace could do
The broken chains, the hope that saves, a life made new
Till I met You


Annette Whipple said...

I enjoy posts like this. :)

Barbara H. said...

It's astounding to me that people think young or unborn babies can't feel pain.

Smiling over the Google gender graphic. :-)

*carrie* said...

Hadn't heard that song yet, but really like Laura Story. Thanks for sharing!

Bluerose said...

Sadly, I didn't realize people out there didn't believe newborns couldn't feel pain. That's baffling.

I loved the post"Choosing to See What is Beautiful"! It's such a peaceful post, and one I needed!

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