Friday, June 19, 2015

Caught My Eye

Here are a few articles and whatnot that have caught my attention on the world wide web within the past few weeks:


13 Reasons Moms Never Get Haircuts. All of which are true. This article made me laugh.

Martin Sheen will be starring as Matthew Cuthbert in a new tv adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. This article did not make me laugh. I find this horrifying, not because of Martin Sheen but because someone thought it was a good idea to remake Anne. Megan Follows for me. Forever.

Disney is producing a Tangled cartoon series, telling us what Rapunzel's life was like after being restored to her family. I'll just have to watch it, that's what!

On a serious note: Surgical Sex: Why We Stopped Doing Sex Change Operations, by Paul R. McHugh of John Hopkins University. It's a relatively long article but one which offers a position that is worthy of some great consideration.

For home school moms out there check out Joy is Like a Whale. A what? Read it and see. I found it greatly encouraging.

A couple of things which made me laugh:

Some bookish things:

For the LEGO fans among us:

Leaving you in song:

I used to listen to this album all. the. time. I hadn't heard it in years when I discovered the entire album available on Youtube. If you like accapella and hymns, check this out. (The first song is my absolute favorite.)

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Ginger Mae said...

This was the first I'd heard about a new Anne of Green Gables. It made me do a double-take. Yes, Megan Follows is the best Anne, and always will be, but how about Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla?! How can they possibly hope to replace her? I love her almost as much as Anne in that movie!

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