Sunday, December 04, 2016

About that break --

I knew I had taken a blogging break, but I didn't realize exactly how much time had passed!

We have just been absolutely swamped by life of late and the days are flitting by at a perfectly breakneck pace. It's a thing to get through a day at the moment, let alone an entire week.

I've been reading, but even that has slowed down. However, this past week, thanks to a cold,  I returned to my books and began enjoying them again. It's amazing how much more mentally stable I feel when I'm continuing to read. Reading is such a calming, engaging, fun activity and I'd somehow managed to forget that taking time to read keeps a day humming along nicely.

I hope/plan to return to blogging this week. I've got a few titles to share at any rate. Meanwhile, know that I'm still there. Just totally spaced out on life! You know how it goes.


1 comment:

Tarissa said...

It's so nice that books are always waiting for you to find them again. Just like an old friend. :)

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