Wednesday, April 12, 2023

New Stories, New Music

 Boy. I have been absent from this space for awhile and am mostly back to throw a little life update at the people I've connected with through Reading to Know over the years.

First off, let me say a great big HELLO to anyone who still receives this newsletter. (A shout-out to Barbara in particular. I pulled up your blog the other day and updated but it wouldn't allow me to leave a comment! So I hope you see this!)

What are the Brownells up to these days?

I, Carrie, am still running A Fine Quotation. These days I chat through Instagram (@afinequotation). I seem to have moved from book reviews to bookish art but I'm swinging back around and writing more. Earlier this year I was approached by OneAudioBooks to ask if I'd be interested in writing a Reader's Guide for Anne of Green Gables. You had to know what I thought of that! My first draft is done and I'm now in the midst of editing. It has been a lot of fun to do and I'm excited to finish it. (Ha)

I'd dearly love to connect with any of you around on Instagram. If you do decide to look me up over there, give me a shout-out so that I can follow you back and stay in touch. I made so many friends here in the blog-o-sphere that I truly have cherished and I'd love it if we could keep in contact.

We're still home schooling and still doing our daily read aloud time, although Bookworm1 has aged out of the group. I was moderately prepared for him to grow up and start doing more of his own thing but it still made me a little sad when he no longer joined the reading circle. Some of you will appreciate the fact that I'm currently reading Tumtum & Nutmeg aloud to my youngest two who are experiencing it for the first time. It's still a favorite of mine!

Y'all know that music has always been important to our family. Particularly so to Jonathan who has been involved in church music for several decades. He's been writing music for as long as I've known him but we're starting to work those songs out into recordings that we can launch into the world. He's put out two songs in the last two weeks which you can listen to via YouTube if you like:

These songs are particularly written with corporate worship in mind. You can find the lead sheets and download the songs on his website - Jonathan Brownell Music.

You can also find Jonathan on IG now (look at us, all social media "friendly" and all). That's where he lets you know when a new song is coming down the pike. The kids are involved in the endeavor as well and have lots of opinions about it which they willing (and very helpfully, actually!) share. 

Find Jonathan here. 

As mentioned, Bookworm1 has phased out of our read aloud time. This coming year he'll be a senior in high school! Stranger things happen I suppose . . . 

Our youngest is now 8 and definitely not a baby. I keep trying to tell her she's MY baby, but the word is generally frowned upon. All of them are growing up so quickly and it's been an exciting ride to be sure.

I still receive comment notifications here so if Blogger will be so friendly, you can wave a hello if you see this. Meanwhile, I hope you are all well.

- Carrie


Barbara Harper said...

What a surprise to see a post from you pop up in my Feedly feed! It's good to hear how you all are doing. Hard to believe you have a high school senior! It is sad when they get too grown-up for certain things. But there are new aspects of our relationships with them at every stage.

I can imagine you had a blast writing the reader's guide for AOGG!

Carrie said...

Oh yay! You found me. I tried and tried to leave a comment (near a post a few weeks ago when you were wondering if WP was allowing people to comment). Timothy is so big!!! It was good to find out what has been going on in your family!

bekahcubed said...

I was likewise delighted to see your name arrive in my Feedly feed this morning!

A high school senior! How did that happen?

I bought a used copy of TumTum and Nutmeg on your recommendation years ago and never actually read it - but considering that my kids are probably right around the age yours were when we were all regularly blogging (Tirzah Mae is 8 now and then they come every 18 months or so down to Frank, who is currently 18 months), maybe it should be our next family read-aloud.

Carrie said...

Bekah!! :D So fun to hear from you and YES, actually, your kids are exactly the right age for it. Don't know how the high school senior part happened, but you have an 8-year-old now so here we are.

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