Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Favorite Five

I'm here with another Friday Favorite Five which is hosted weekly by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

I have no grand theme this week. Just total randomness.

#1 - I'm grateful for my friend here in town who recently became a mommy and who shares mommy life with me now. It's so fun having a friend around in the same stage of life as yourself. Friends like that are blessings, that's what! I like her.

#2 - I'm grateful for the ability to be busy again. The tail end of pregnancy was no fun at all and I was pretty much housebound. (No, I was not on bed rest. I just ran out of clothes and my body was giving out. Any woman who at any time has been pregnant will know that of which I speak.) It's a GREAT feeling to be able to be up and about. It's great to be able to spend time with people again. Fellowship is a beautiful thing.

#3 - I'm just grateful that it's Friday for OH so many reasons.

#4 - I'm grateful for fun times with Jonathan. Parenting three little ones can take up a lot of time and attention but we've been blessed with the opportunity to have some time out and alone lately. We started taking dance lessons again. It's been awhile, let me tell ya! Thankfully it's rather like riding a bicycle...easy to pick back up. We have had so much fun dancing again. Fun, fun, fun! Having fun with your spouse is kind of important - and a huge blessing. I am blessed. And I'm having fun (just in case you didn't get the message I decided to repeat it.)

#5 - I'm grateful I'm me. I'm not always happy to say that but today I am. I have my faults and flaws and personality quirks which I can annoy even myself with sometimes. But I'm grateful for heart and conviction, purpose and the family God has given me. I wouldn't want to be anyone else. Not now or ever (when I really stop and think about it.)

Have a wonderful weekend, people!



Barbara H. said...

I do remember that feeling of getting energy back and feeling like doing things again after pregnancy.

The dancing lessons sound fun!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Great post, Carrie--especially #5!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your post makes me smile. It is SO great to have friends in the same stage of mommylife with you, I agree.

And you keep up that #4. I'm way down the road, but I can tell you it's awesome you recognize the importance of this now. And I can also say that way down the road is awesome, too!

Stephanie Kay said...

Having a pregnancy/baby buddy is so fun! And so comforting to know there's one person who really and truly understands the stage you are in.

Brenda said...

Its amazing how much fatigue we have those last few weeks of pregnancy, and how the absence of it can give us such a new outlook on life! So glad you are feeling better and content with life and yourself!

Willow said...

The post pregnancy period definitely makes you realize just how much work it is to be pregnant. It's great that you are back to feeling more energetic. Oh, I'm not sure--are you having fun dancing? :)

Catherine said...

It is nice to have another mom friend. It can be so isolating at times. I'm glad you're up and around, and that you and your husband are enjoying your dancing.

When I was pregnant with my twins, I thought I would need a forklift soon. (and I only made it to 32 weeks!)


Susanne said...

Dancing lessons, how fun! It's nice that your making a point of doing something for the two of you.

I totally agree, at any stage of life it's always a blessing to have friends who are going through the same to walk it out.

Shonya said...

Yay for dancing lessons with your hubby! And I'm grateful you are you too! ;)

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