Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why this blog?

At the beginning of this year, several friends and I began a long distance book club via blog entitled Bookfest 2006.
The idea was to take turns choosing 4 books for all of us to read each month for a period of one year (for a grand total of 208 books, give or take a few). It also provided an opportunity for us to share our favorite books with each other and a variety of thoughts on the subject matter following completion of any number of books. It's been great fun!

However, I also have a stack of books that I read on the side of the Bookfest list. Recently inspired by two friends to increase my reading and critique thereof, I have opted to start a separate book blog. Walla!

Thanks goes to Bonnie who took the first leap to Book Review Blogland and to Erika who suggested that I could be a bit more critical of what I read. This will be good practice.

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return home gnome said...

I look forward to your reviews!

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