Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Cleaning Off My Bookshelves

Seeing that I am, once again, waiting for interlibrary loan requests to come in so that I can finish the August Reads for Bookfest,
I'm trying to take advantage of the time by reading other books on my bookshelf, as well as from the library. I'm always so tempted to read books that I don't own so I keep buying and checking them out, only adding to the stack of books that I own and haven't yet read! THIS month I am determined to read at least two books that are already on my shelf that I haven't touched yet. One such book is the one I'm reading now, Presenting Lily Mars, by Booth Carkington. Anyone seen the 1943 movie version with Judy Garland? I used to love it. This past February, when we went down to CA for a wedding, I stumbled across the original book (a first edition! woo hoo!) copyrighted 1930! Pristine condition (not like the picture on my side bar). As you may have guessed, I still haven't read it. How long do some of you hold on to books until you actually sit down to read them? Well, now the book is calling me in direct competition to a library book I picked up yesterday. But the other shall wait. Lily has waited long enough (although I have some that have waited far longer).

What's your average "wait" time to get to a book and how frequently do you get ahead of yourself in the buying department? Full bookshelves are lovely to look at and muse over, but if you haven't read them - what's the point? (Other than book greed, of course, which I confess I have.)


Sky said...

I feel that I don't truly OWN a book until I have read it, and I usually can't have a new book around for very long without reading it, (Which makes my series books very hard because I get them as soon as they come out and then have to wait a year or SEVERAL for the next one.)
However, sometimes if I find a whole bunch of books at a thrift store or somewhere it does take me awhile to read them and since I have run out of bookshelves they all just shift from place to place around the house as I read and clean and move them.
The books that I am slowly working myself through are sets of Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. (there are about 30 of these!) They are very old and beautiful and I cannot leave them out and around for fear of the kids grabbing them and hurting them.

Whats so funny is I have so many books and yet sometimes, like today, I am sighing and moaning and "can't find anything to read!"

Library books take FOREVER! to get.

return home gnome said...

oh good Lord above, thrift stores are the death of me!! Last one I went into I picked up copies of Crime & Punishment, The Eternal Golden Braid, and Troubled Sleep; none of which I have been able to begin yet. I was positively cackling with delight by the time I got to the cash register to check out. And I visit such stores regularly.

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