Monday, March 19, 2007

Read to Me Challenge - Results

Jennifer at Snapshot is awaiting your results for the Read to Me Challenge. The "rules" and explanation for the challenge can be found on her blog.

My challenge was to read two books a day to my four month old. We did manage to read all the books that were on my original list (and then some) several times over. Most days we read four or five books. This past week we took a hiatus, of sorts, due to a family situation that rather reorganized life to some degree. So I'd have to say we were sidetracked in our endeavors this past week, but prior to we had done quite well in our challenge.

Since I had been awaiting J2's ability to focus on books since before he was born, the challenge was more of a "fun side thing" that we could do "with" others. In other words, reading aloud to him was a goal that I had and that I fully intend to continue. Some days he's very interested in sitting and looking at books while I read to him; other days, not so much. I have fun cuddling up with him, particularly when he is amused by some picture that he sees on the page. He is most frequently amused by Maisy books by Lucy Cousins. I love the bright, vivid colors almost as much as he seems to!

We had a good time. Thanks, Jennifer, for encouraging the blogging community to take the time to read to our children. This challenge proved to be a fun motivation. I hope you'll make it an annual event!

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Unknown said...

Great job! Making such an effort to start so early is quite commendable.

If y'all like Maisy, you'd probably like some of Denise Fleming's book, too. Same style. We have a few of her board books.

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