Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tumble Me Tumbily

I picked up a copy of Tumble Me Tumbily, by Karen Baiker, at the library booksale. This was one of the best buys for children's books so far! It is illustrated by Sam Williams whose artwork I really like! It's adorable. I love the rhymes:

I am awake!
I'm awake all the way,
Waked up to stay up
and wake up the day!

Time to get Mommy
still sound asleep,
Butterfly kisses
to tickle your cheek.

And this is kind of how our morning started. Bright and early. Waked up to stay up and wake up the day! (Thankfully he has a daddy who had good ears this morning. I was absolutely sound asleep and missed the early morning antics.)

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Sooooo sweet! I am always looking for great books to cuddle up to and my kids would love that one!

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