Friday, April 13, 2007

Safely Home, by Randy Alcorn

I have been sick the past few days and that was the only thing that bought me time to read. (Life has been a little hectic of late.) I devoured this book.

I would not just suggest that you read this book, but would ask you to. All royalties made from the sale of this book go straight towards the persecuted church. Don't try to buy it used -- buy it new. (I can't believe I just said that. However, I do feel very strongly about this book and would suggest that you will to, once you have had a chance to read it.)

This book is about the struggles of the underground church in China. The plot is awesome and the research well done. It is, in a word, captivating. I suppose this isn't really much of a review of a book in terms of writing and content. It's more of a review of how it left me feeling. I was inspired; I cried; I realized how very little I pay attention to the rest of the world and sometimes need to. It helped to foster my desire to adopt a child from China. (One day...)

Alcorn weaved in Chinese quotes and proverbs to tell his story. These two were my favorites:

"A book holds a house of gold."

How true.

"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it."


Following the line of inspiration, Alcorn introduces us to a character who, though extremely old in body, travels to the mountains to tell the people there about Yesu. The main character of the book, Ben Fielding, a prominent American businessman, asks the old man why he continues to go up to the mountain. The man answers, "Because I am alive."

Actually, his answer to Ben is about a paragraph long but I focused on that first sentence. "Because I am alive." To me, this character, Wang Shaoming, gave the central message of the book to Christians everywhere. Why should we go and preach Yesu to others? Because we are alive. Because of what He has done for us. It is everything.

I do hope you will take a day or two to read this book. I also hope you will consider buying it new so that the royalties can go to the persecuted church. If you would like more information about the book and/or would like a copy, you can contact Eternal Perspective Ministries directly at:

2229 East Burnside #23, Gresham, OR 97030;; or (503) 663-6481


Kevin Stilley said...

Sorry to hear that you have been ill. But, glad it was the kind of illness where you still felt good enough to read.

And, the good news is that it provided an opportunity for you to read this great book.

Queen of Carrots said...

OK, I've read a couple of Alcorn's book and was seriously underwhelmed by his writing abilities. However, I was impressed by his insights into the next life in the last one I read (Deadline). It was moving, even though the writing sometimes made me cringe. So I'm wondering if this is similar?

A Pilgrim said...

I went over to Barnes & Noble after school yesterday and purchased the one copy they had.

Carrie said...

QOC, likely similar in writing style, yes, with insights into the next life to boot! Moving also. More so than Deadline.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful review! I read this book three times and cried every time. I like the quotes and thoughts you shared from this book. I've bought several copies and gave them away as gifts, and then bought more so I could have my own copy. I definitely recommend this book for everyone.

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