Thursday, May 10, 2007

Next Chapter

A few people have noticed a bit of an absence in presence and a general deterioration in this blog. I'll be fixing the header soon (tomorrow, I hope!) and will have that up and looking nice again.

The past two months have taken us around a new "bend in the road" with my mother-in-law passing away and our becoming more involved in the main family life. It's been a challenge, a struggle and TONS of fun at the same time! We're in the process of building a house closer to the family and, in the meantime, spending the next year all living together in one house. Needless to say - this year isn't exactly what we expected it to be. But God's plans are not our plans, nor are His thoughts ours. They are better! We press on with joy in the journey!

In the meantime, I haven't given up on reading. My time for it is just more rare. So my blogging has become more of a rarity as well. I love reading and love blogging about what I read therefore I shall keep this blog and make sure it remains somewhat active. Time being what it is will prevent me from hopping all around the blog-o-sphere but I want to remain in reading circles. (Thanks to the people who offered suggestions for biographies, btw, in response to an earlier post.) I'm "stealing" chapters and pages as time grants and am still very much interested in the reading suggestions of other people.

I still want to hear what people are thinking and reading and DOING so keep me in the loop!

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