Thursday, December 06, 2007

Home to Holly Springs, by Jan Karon (No spoilers)

It's so very rare that I get to read (and review) a book that is recently released that I'm not quite sure what to do with this post. (The only reason I have it now is thanks to a good friend who bought it when it came out and lent me her copy!) I won't say much, because I hate spoilers.

I wondered by Karon decided to end the Mitford series but still keep on with Father Tim. Before I read this book, that decision seemed a bit odd to me but - what the hey! - it's more Mitford, right? Not really.

This book tells the story of Father Tim's past. It's darker and more introspective than any of her other Mitford books, including In This Mountain which finds Father Tim suffering the most emotional harm than in any of the other books. No, this is new territory and a more complex Father Tim.

All the same, Karon lets the light of the Savior shine through the message. I have to say that by the middle of the book I wasn't sure I would like this new series, while at the same time finding myself riveted to each page. It satisfies Mitford fan's curiosity about Father Tim's background (in a big way) and still keeps your curiosity piqued for whatever Karon has planned for us next!

It's not your lazy summer day read, I don't think. Yet it is fascinating and intriguing. Definitely a must-read for any Mitford fan. It's just, perhaps, not as comforting as good ol' Mitford tended to be.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for a taste of the book with no details or spoilers. My perfect review!! I am hoping to get this book for Christmas. Comforting is the perfect way to describe Mitford, and I applaud Karon for branching out if that is indeed what she has done.

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