Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far, by Amy Grant

As a long-time Amy Grant fan, I was anxious to get my hands on this book. Finally having done so, I quickly devoured it. Unlike Sandi Patty's memoirs (Broken on the Back Row), Mosaic is not a tell-all. Rather it is what it says it is: a mosaic of her life so far. It is bits and pieces of this and that. In some ways it is unsatisfying and, in other moments it is completely explanatory.

What I took away from this book is Amy's (excuse me for my familiarity) desire to take a positive outlook on life. She admits various defeats and struggles while remaining positive and hopeful. I am not really satisfied as to her exact standing on any theological issue, but I've no doubt of a sincere faith that is lived out on a day-to-day basis.

Everything that she has done that has been questioned in Christian communities is downplayed in this book -- but not in a forceful way. It's a quiet skimming of the surface which politely refuses to answer direct questions and yet tells you all you need to know. It is southern politeness.

I really can't say whether or not I liked this book. As an Amy Grant fan, I'd have to recommend it. As a book-lover, not so much! It's not something that I think I'd "HAVE" to own, but it IS something that I'm very glad to have read.

And so, as vague as her book was (with some specifics), so shall this blog post be.


Anonymous said...

staying anonymous here to play it safe - I'm wondering if you could compare her attitude in the book to her attitude in the big interview in CCM after the divorce...the one where (at least in the interview it seemed) that she felt she had been given special dispensation from God for her divorce - like God had said, "ok I'll make an exception here." Does the book still come across strongly that way? Will it be offensive to a former Amy fan who happened to be a Gary fan? (I'm not going to read it if it makes me too mad at her again - I'm trying to get over it, since obviously I shouldn't be so bitter and taking sides over a divorce between two people I have never even met in real life - as it is, I still can't watch Vince on the television without wanting to throw up...) Anyway - I'm not wanting to turn this into any kind of an argument since you're a fan - and I promise - I'm not trying to be a troll here - I'd just seriously like to know if its something you think I can read without throwing the book across the room...

Carrie said...

Dear Anon,

No offense taken here. And no arguments either. I didn't like the divorce, but I still liked her music. Which, if you know me, is REALLY odd. I turned off Sandi Patty for YEARS. (It took reading her book to go back to it.) Amy's voice just "clicks" with me. So try as I might, I couldnt' avoid it and, in this case, tried to ignore the divorce. I'm saying this because you said you weren't interested in arguing -- and I'm not either.

I don't think you would like this book. She skims past all the "issues" in her life. I read the interview that you mentioned. I've forgotten most of what she said. She certainly doesn't try to explain any more -- she struck me as being one who fully accepted her "position" and God's forgiveness and was looking at the bright and positive sides. She hints at troubles but only that -- a hint.

Otherwise, it's upbeat, positive and joyful beside the pain.

No, I don't think you would like it. And I totally identify with all of your feelings.

For me it's just something about the voice . . .

Unknown said...

I am over here from The Saturday Review of Books. I got this for Christmas and probably had a similar reaction. It was an interesting read for those of us following Amy.

I thought the baptism chapter explained a lot about her feelings of failure and repentance. Like you, I still suspect her theology though.

I always felt bad for Amy in her marriage to Gary, Anon, since he did admit to drug use but that doesn't mean I am happy about their divorce.

I think my own biggest disappointment with her was when she got her Hollywood star. I thought she was just foul that day.

Unknown said...


I have been mad at her too, and I actually read this book to try to let go. I mean, who am I to judge??? Yes, I think that her cavalier attitude towards her divorce was harmful to others, and honestly, I think that some of that still comes across, but I did sense some honest repentance, and there are some stories that really ring true as a mom, friend, sister etc.

elizaway said...

I just finished Amy's book. Like many people, I've been "mad" at her for years over--not so much the divorce, since I can understand the despair she felt being 'stuck' with a man who wasn't being faithful to Christ in his life. I was more upset about both of them remarrying within a year! That's a loud exclamation that they didn't want God to fix their problems...and one of God's favorite pastimes is accomplishing what we might call impossible. Well, once you've married someone else, then you've indeed made any God-fix impossible. This book, however vague, was good for me. I was able to repent of my judgmentalism. No matter how wrong she was in her choices, there was sin in my heart that needed to go. She comes across as quite refined and elegant, and I find that confusing--which is at least better than my former criticism. Does God bless us when we, with great premeditation, do the very thing He's told us not to do?? It's God's place alone to deal with her sin. I can't look up to her in the areas of sin, but I envy the sense of freedom and grace she has. I want someone to baptize all my fears and burdens away, as she describes. The chapter on "Giving" as a way of life really challenged me, too

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