Tuesday, April 08, 2008

If I Gained the World, by Linda Nichols

I had to read another Linda Nichols book after having read In Search of Eden last year. I really enjoyed the way that Mrs. Nichols weaves her story together using both past and present situations. It keeps you guessing and reading (voraciously) trying to see how she's going to tie it all together and conclude the tale. Her style keeps me intrigued. If not for that style though, I can't say I'd particularly enjoy her work.

It is predictable. She uses a lot of cliches. Frequently conversations are unbelievable.


I really like her books. Well, I really like the two books that I've read. In this particular one we spend our time with Lenore. Lenore is hooked up with Daniel Monroe, an up 'n comin' Hollywood actor who cares more for his career than for her. He refuses to marry her and she knows that she can't stay with him any longer and so leaves him in CA and travels up to Seattle to start life over without him. Their relationship is predictable and Anne-and-Gilbert-ish in nature. Still, I'd say it's a really FUN one time read! It made me laugh AND cry, which, of course, I think is the mark of an involved book. (My husband can attest to this because the last two nights he's asked if I wanted to spend some time together and I responded that I'd rather read, but thanks! He'll be glad to know that I finished the book this morning.)

Since I don't think I'll be reading it again, I'm happy to pass my copy off to whoever thinks that they would a.) really read it (eventually) and b.) would enjoy it. The message of the book is solid, it's a clean romance/relationship suspense book. It's not a waste of time. Like I said, it's just fun. If you want the fun, be the first one to leave a comment telling me so and I'll get it to you!


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Bionnde5-Shando said...

Hi, I had to comment because I'm intrigued by this book. It's so similar to my own personal situation. I've been sick and now at home (from being in the hospital) and trying to find meaning in all of this! Dealing with a situation with the love of my life...and me being his! I was looking for spiritual answers tonight when I stumbled across this! I'd love to read the book! ;-) Wishing you lots of blessings.

Shannon ;-)

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