Monday, July 14, 2008

Washington's Lady, by Nancy Moser

Today I'm over at 5 Minutes for Moms on a brief "guest post" talking about Washington's Lady, by Nancy Moser. Which I totally think you should read. Just to let you know how very much I enjoyed reading this book - I promptly went out and bought several other books by her including Mozart's Sister and Just Jane which I am very anxious to get to! I liked it that much!

You can win a copy over at 5M4M today if you sneak over and leave a comment.


Unknown said...

As you know, I loved Just Jane as well, and can't wait to read Washington's Lady.

Lisa Spence said...

Okay, I nearly purchased Just Jane a couple of weeks ago but put it back down! I will definitely add both Martha and Jane to my wishlist...

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