Thursday, August 14, 2008

An Argument to Read

Reading. Such a simple thing to do, fairly easy to accomplish, and yet something that we don't always like to do. I admit it. Sometimes I DON'T like to read. (True, that feeling is rare but sometimes I just need to get away from the books.) Yet it's good for me. I know this to be true although I cannot always articulate the reasons why. Thankfully today I don't have to.

Sherry at Semicolon has made an excellent argument for why you should read. Particularly, she argues why Christians should read and why they should read more than just the Bible. Since she said it so well, I'll be quiet.

I have heard many Christians use the argument that they read only the Bible. Somehow they think this makes them sound more righteous than readers of fiction and "worldly writers." Likewise I have heard wide readers make disparaging remarks about people who only read the Bible. Neither have the right attitude but I do believe the greater truth falls to one particular side. But which? Well, read what Sherry has to say and think about it.


Ronnica said...

Obviously I'm a reader, but I'm a discerning reader. That's why I love reading classics. If they've stood the test of time, they seem worth reading (for the most part).

B said...

I've never understood the argument from the persepective of Christians who only read the Bible. How short-sighted and dangerously small-minded. Humans are creative, and we have a God-given ability to "create" (so to speak) based on things that inspire us. That's what literature, art, music, etc. are all about. Creation is the ultimate inspiration for art and music, and God -- who refers to Himself as the Word -- is the ultimate inspiration for language and literature. Literature, with its roots in myth, is but an extension of language and thus of God. Yes, there is bad literature out there, but it's a corruption not an evil. Great literature offers us a better understanding of truth and, on occasion, a glimpse into the divine.

I kind of rambled there. Sorry about that! Sherry's post is great, by the way. Thanks for linking it.

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