Thursday, August 28, 2008

Attention Book Lovers!

Do you have a book that you love and just can't help telling all your friends about... even those who aren't that into books? What if you were to find someone with an equal interest in books that you could swap your favorite book for their favorite book? Now's your chance!

Together with Sarah at Library Hospital we are hosting the first of what will hopefully become many book swaps.

Book Swap

The goal: To share much loved books with new found friends.

The rules:
1. You only sign up to participate if you are actually willing to follow the rules.
2. Once you sign up you will be matched with another participant. You will take your favorite book of choice (based on the topic for the swap) and mail it to your match and they will do likewise.
3. Books should be in Excellent, Like New, or New condition unless you and your match agree to another condition.
4. Book swaps are permanent unless you and your match agree to another arrangement.
5. You must have your book shipped to your match before the end of September.
6. Only the first 50 participants will be included in the swap. If this swap is successful we may increase the number for future swaps.

Sign up will be posted on Library Hospital Monday, September 1 and will remain open for 1 week or until the first 50 participants are signed up -- whichever comes first. So spread the word and be sure to check back here next Monday.

Hop on over to Sarah's blog to visit. If you'd like the code for the button above, leave a comment here with your e-mail address and I will get the code to you.

Hope to share in the fun with you!


Anonymous said...

I linked to it over at her blog...not sure I wanna part with my favs, thought!! *dies at thought* :D

Sarah M. said...

You don't have to part with your favorites - I think the idea is to find a copy via Amazon or some book store and send that, unless you happen to havea a duplicate or wish to give away your original. Your match in turn would do the same -- hence why we require that the condition of the books swapped be the same, unless agreed to by the book swapping partners. We wouldn't want someone to spend money on a brand new book and end up trading it for a torn musty book. That wouldn't be fair. :)

Anonymous said...

Well all righty then! :D I'm in!

Lisa Spence said...

What fun! I'm in, if I can remember to drop by on the 1st!

*carrie* said...


Thanks for letting me know about the book swap. I'll check on Monday to see if the genre is a good fit for my taste. =)

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