Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I just read my 60th book for this year. Every year I like to beat my reading list from the prior year. In 2007 I read 70 books. (I think I'm going to beat that.) In 2006 I read 65.

As big as this list might seem to some of you, to others it is incredibly puny. Everyone has their own reading speed and style. The important thing is To Read. Do you? How many of you keep a list of books read (I just started in 2006 as you can see.)? Where are you at for this year?

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
~ Joseph Addison ~

Keep reading! And if you are not in the habit -- get started! Just a few minutes a day is better than nothing at all. Try a chapter at a time or perhaps just start a timer and tell everyone that you must be left alone until the timer goes off! Make some time. It's exciting as well as important. (Do I sound like a first lady on a campaign trail, or what?!)


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Yes, I read! I love to read. I'm at 77 so far for this year. I haven't kept track before, but I know I've never read this many books in a year before either.

Sarah M. said...

I've not kept a list, though I have tracked my list of books read in my "Book of Books" To date this year I have read 41 books with 42 almost finsihed and 43 and 44 in the works. I had never thought to set a goal, but I suspect at the rate I am going I might hit 60 this year.

Ronnica said...

I've read 33 so far this year, which is easily on target. I was aiming for 52. I read 36 all of last year.

I started recording what books I've read in 2006. I'm glad I do. I also right little comments to help me jog my memory about the book.

Anonymous said...

I've read 79 so far this year, but several of them are audiobooks that I listened to, and 3 are graphic novels that took very little time to read.

Anonymous said...

I've read 34 so far this year, reading number 35 as we speak, with enough on my current to read shelf to get me to 40 easily - the goal for the year is 60 I think...

I've been keeping track since 2006 I think, shortly after my son was born I realized at the end of that year that I only read like 3 books which should be a sin so I vowed to do better - which I clearly have!!

Carrie said...

LOL to Jen E and the "new sin." Very funny - but I agree. ;)

Alison said...

I was inspired by your master list so I started keeping my own master list this year. I'm up to 33 books read so far this year. I think that's an average of one book a week? I know that I've always read lots of books, but never had any idea how many "lots" was. :-)

I also find that having some cheap (dollar store finds) books stashed in places (car, bathroom, etc.) where I have waiting time is a great way to get in a litte extra reading, even if it is at the pace of a page or two a day. I like shopping at the dollar store because I'm more likely to stretch myself and read about something totally new if it only costs me $1 and I have unlimited time to finish the book since it doesn't have to go back to the library.

Sarah M. said...

I just realized your list includes books of the Bible... I hadn't thoguht to count those, so if I do then my books read goes from 42 this year to 65 to date, with 66 almost finished and 67-69 in the works. I guess I might hit closer to 80. But that's only if you coundt the Bible... which I always count as one book, not seperate books.

Carrie said...

Yup - I do count books of the Bible. I debated it but decided to do it for a couple of reasons.

#1 - It's motivational.
#2 - It IS a book worth counting.
#3 - It breaks it down into manageable parts for me handle more easily.

Controversial perhaps, but works for me!

Unknown said...

I agree that it's so nice to let people know that moms can find time to read. Sometimes it means giving up something else (usually TV), but if you really want to, you can find the time.

I went many years without reading much at all--maybe 10 books a year? I don't keep track, but since I've been reviewing I probably read between 60 - 80 books a year.

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