Thursday, September 18, 2008

John Butler - and why I love his work

I'm over at 5 Miuntes for Books again, this time talking about a new author/illustrator that I have recently discovered and LOVE! Not only that, but my son loves him too. So this is a great thing, yes?

John Butler has an absolutely charming way of illustrating animals and we delight in looking them. The simple way he puts words to his illustrations, drawing children in, is equally endearing. Some of my sons favorite phrases come from Butler's books. For example, in the story Can You Growl Like a Bear? it mentions a leopard "slinking slowly by." My son takes great delight in saying that. Everytime we see a spotted animal it is "slinking slowly by!" In Can You Cuddle Like a Koala? we are asked if we can also "swing like a monkey, wild and free!" When he sees children swinging on a playground, he points out that they are wild and free. When he's in his car seat and starts waving his arms around, he mentions that he would also like to be "wild and free." (Which can be translated "Wi -n- fee!" "Wi -n- fee!")

Butler is a great children's author and illustrator. Butler's website is also intriguing and has a few games for children to play that are based on his book. I received these books as review copies but I loved them so much that I went out and purchased more for ourselves. Yesterday we bought "Whose Nose and Toes?" and I read it three times at my son's encouragement ("ah-gain?! gain!?) before I suggested we might want to try a different book.

I love John Butler. Really, I do! I think you would too. Have a kid in your life that likes to read? You absolutely cannot go wrong with these.

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