Friday, September 05, 2008

A Personal Post on the Subject of Age and Maturity (or lack thereof)


These are my disclaimers:

- I don't like posting personal things about me on this blog. I just don't. I mean, I want you to read the blog and be interested in it but I'm not publically personal. So don't go expecting this with any regularity or anything. I just thought you might enjoy this bit of information about me. And the photos. Of me, yes. Another thing you won't see often. ;)

Well, I guess that's it. Just one disclaimer.


I decided to process these pictures in black and white to represent just how far we've come in the world of developing since the time I was born. =P

So yesterday I turned 30. This number can apparently cause a lot of concern and large amounts of stress according to some. Did I panic? Pshaw!

I actually forgot it was going to be my birthday until the day before when my husband, Jonathan, (the young and sprightly 26 year old), mentioned something about it. I also forgot I was going to turn 30. It's not a big deal, really. It's just a number, right? Then I started thinking about how my life was half over and Jonathan said I shouldn't think of it that way and I said well, the energetic half is over and he laughed which wasn't very reassuring but there we have it.

For starters, I thought I should try to appear younger. My sewing enthusiast friend helped by bringing me a birthday present of this wonderful hat that I had forgotten all about asking her to make for me. I figure I shed about 17 years just by putting it on my head. My son just laughs whenever I wear it. He should be a very amused 2 year old come winter.

The gifts started pouring in. As further evidence of age I had completely forgotten that I had specifically told my sister-in-law that I thought these dachshund corn-on-the-cob holders were too cute and I wouldn't mind it if she pre-bought them as a Christmas present. And she did. When I was with her. I mean, I saw her put them in the shopping cart and everything. And I totally forgot. But it sure made for a nice surprise. ;)

Caryn (my other SIL). How do I love her? Let me count the ways in number of lunches eaten at Jamba Juice.

Gnomes. Lovely dear things (that I love). This was a gift from SIL and is now proudly welcoming in all guests from the front porch....I mean the back, inside hiding on the bookshelf. Maybe it's better if I didn't tell you where he's located. Don't go and come trying to steal my gnome. I would not be very happy.

This was Winco's gift to me and is probably the reason I'm writing this blog post at all. Pure, undefiled sugar in pumpkin form. It's a good thing these only appear but once a year. Imagine the blog posts you'd see otherwise. Of course, peppermint junior mints are right around the corner.

But best of all was the gift that my husband gave me. He's not pictured here because it's hard to photograph time. He gave me an evening to do whatever I wanted. Why, I was even given permission to drive us across town, back over to this side of town and BACK downtown without comments about how inefficient my driving and planning abilities were. If that's not love, I sure don't know what is.

We went to Borders and had dessert out (chocolate raspberry cake!) and walked down by the river. Books, chocolate, and an evening alone with the husband. What more could I have possibly asked for? It was perfect. See, he's helped me to ease on into 30 in a calm, relaxed and ever-so-peaceful manner. What have I to fear about you, age?!

I don't mind turning 30 in all seriousness. It's a fun number to celebrate but otherwise not a big deal in any sort of scary way. With it comes wisdom and maturity! (Please ignore the pictures in this post.) What can age do? Make me look older and give me wrinkles?! Well. There will always be photoshop for that.


In real life I'm as stoic as the grave and can be quite the respectable book reviewer. It's just those horrid Brach Pumpkins . . .



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, again, Carrie. :) You're pretty and fun, and looks like you and your hubby have a great life together. Besides that, look Who your God is.

Any time "the age" thing comes up, just remember that. :)

Nicole (Linus's Blanket) said...

I'm with your son. Love the hat! Thanks for sharing your pictures. You look great. Happy Birthday and enjoy the year!

Sarah M. said...

These are great. LOL! It sounds like you had a great birthday. :) Isn't it crazy how 30 used to sound so old... but it's really not. I just keep reminding myself of that when I look at my husband. :)

PS - I responded to your comment about W&D on the HSGables post.

Anonymous said...

are you sure you're 30?? you don't look at day over 20. seriously! happy birthday, Carrie!

B said...

Carrie, these pics are amazing! (I love those Brachs pumpkins. I keep putting off buying them because I'm afraid of how many I'll eat before Halloween.) Congrats on the lovely 30th b-day. I've got that one coming up before too long, and I don't know quite what to make of it. You've inspired me to embrace it and not fear it :)

Unknown said...

I'm glad you shared this info.

I didn't mind 30 a bit either. I might mind 40 a bit more, but as you and I have discussed, what does someone really know when they are in their 20's??

Except Johnathan of course. I'm sure he's wise beyond his (lack of) years.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you don't even look it! 30 is my next birthday. Time flies!

Lisa Spence said...

What a fun post! And do you live in a log cabin? It looks gorgeous--as do you!

Ronnica said...

Wow, the pumpkin sure does something to ya! I love this post. =) Happy 30th!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I turned 30 last year and it bothered me at first, but now I figure it was just another birthday. LOL

Terri B. said...

Happy Birthday a wee bit late! Great pictures and I love the hat :o)

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