Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Review of Books - Highlights (for me)

Sherry at Semicolon nicely hosts Saturday Review of Books and I'm here merely to highlight some of MY favorite reviews of the week.

I knew when I saw this review by Jennifer over at 5 Minutes for Books earlier in the week that it was going to land on my Highlights post. I love history (and think it's so important - whether it be individual or global!) and I think this book is really intriguing. I can't say, necessarily, that I'D love it but I DO think it looks like it would be a good way to draw kids who might not otherwise pick up a history book. It's a start and looks bright and creative which I find appealing.

I KNOW I would not like Lydia Bennett's story which was reviewed by Anna at Diary of an Eccentric, mostly because I just can't stand Lydia Bennett. And I don't care for the thought of Austen spin-offs. (Just like I have a passionate dislike of L.M. Montgomery spin offs. They should simply never be!) However, this is apparently the book to read if you don't mind Austen spin-offs and want to know more about the Bennett sisters. I do admit it to be an intriguing book idea though. There you have it! If you have also read this book or plan on doing so, be sure to share your thoughts! I'd love to hear them. (Morbid curiosity on my part.)

Hmmmm. I don't know WHAT to think about Essential Church? which was reviewed by (a pastor) at Book'em Benj-O. Check out his review! It's really intriguing on so many, many levels. Like I said, I just can't decide about it. Of course, it really depends on the author's take on use of scripture and focus on the person of Jesus Christ as to whether or not I'd find it beneficial. But I am intrigued. Very intrigued.

Has anyone else read this and have additional thoughts to offer? If you've posted a review, leave a link and I'll go read it.

Lastly (for this week) go check out my friend Calon Lan's review of The Origin of Species which is really interesting (in my opinion). Good subject matter and good discussion. I like it.

What did you find this week?


Benjie said...

Thanks for stopping by. Keep on reading.

Anna said...

Thanks for the link. And I appreciate your honesty. You know, I had no idea there were L.M. Montgomery spinoffs!

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