Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Set-Apart Femininity, by Leslie Ludy

Today I would like to point you towards 5 Minutes for Books to read my review of Set-Apart Femininity, by Leslie Ludy. Shameless plugging? Yes and no. I honestly think this book is worthy of conversation (slightly) and thought (mostly).

Have any of you read it? Would you be willing? If so, why or why not? (I'm just curious....that's the only reason for the question.)

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B said...

My initial reaction to your question about whether or not to read this book was that I probably wouldn't. I read through your review, and I have to admit that my answer is still the same. As you probably know, I read a number of books like this in my teens; truth be told I've had to shake off most of the ideas in them since getting married. I have little doubt that much of what Ludy says is sound, but I'm better off with the ten-foot pole regarding anything that tries to define Christian femininity.

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