Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin

Many things I can get through. This book is not one of those things. Five chapters in and the superfluous writing of the book was weighing me down. I was waiting for Mortenson to sprout angel wings. I just couldn't do it. So sorry.


~teachmom~ said...

Ugh. It's hard when we come across these kinds of books! I have been getting a hold somehow of books I am having a really hard time getting into, but I am not ready to blame the book(s)/authors yet. Right now, I am blaming my is having a really hard time focusing right now. I fear I may not get my Fall Reading challenge completed! Ack!
It's hard when we come across books that don't agree with us. I'd like to think I could just pick up a book and read it through, no matter what I feel about it, but then I am setting myself up for disappointment.

Suzanne said...

I couldn't do it either.

B said...

I'll take your word for it! :) The title intrigues me, but it sounds like the content won't.

Anonymous said...

I borrowed this book from my daddy when they were last here, I was hoping for more meat, more content,more answers to WHY.
I can completely see why the secular world applauds it however as they like to spout so many "make peace not war" aphorisms.
This book supports the fact that when you care about other people (the way Christ taught) you can build schools in the immovable mountains and make a difference.
Yes teaching is better then fighting but you cannot have peace without the initial war.
This book was way to mamby-pamy for my taste.
I did chuckle over their Christmas card photo though!

Sarah M. said...

A friend of mine bought a copy of this book to read. She said it sounded really interesting. A few months later and she's still not finished reading it. I think she got bogged down too. Thanks for the heads up.

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