Saturday, November 01, 2008

In lieu of a Saturday highlights post, I bring you Jennifer.

My managing editor over at 5 Minutes for Books, Jennifer at Snaphot, will be leaving for the Dominican Republic to work with other bloggers and Compassion International.

You can follow Jennifer's blog and the Compassion Blog itself for more details. In doing my own research about this trip I just discovered that Jennifer will be spending time with Tim Challies on this trip (andnowIamincrediblyoverwhelmedwithjealousy)! (It's like.....aaahhh....)

I know that shouldn't be what I focus on in following Jennifer's trip but I'm feeling mildly obsessive at the moment. Sigh.

Stay tuned November 2-7 and, if you think about it, pray that she'llgetmeTimChalliesauthograph, for her safety, wisdom and that God would change her and use her in ways that she can't presently imagine.

That will be all for now. Thanks!


Lisa Spence said...

And she rubs it in with those emails of hers!!!!!

Unknown said...

Y'all are very funny.

I sat across from Tim at dinner tonight, and we talked books!

I even mentioned both of you by name.

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