Monday, November 17, 2008

Kids' Pick Time!

It's time for another Kids' Pick Carnival over at 5 Minutes for Books! This month my little two year old would probably ask me to highlight his Pooh books.

Pooh is his best friend in all the world. Before he was born I bought a large stuffed Pooh, content in the confident knowledge that any child of mine would have to love Pooh. I wasn't wrong. He carts his Pooh around with him, can't sleep without him, "feeds" him food and even clothes him (in a Tigger shirt, of course). This particular Pooh interacts with him in return, offering cuddles, nose pokes and (with a little bit of Mommy assistance) can even do the hokey pokey. Oh yes, my friends!

Lately our request as been for Pooh books - to be read with Pooh, mind you. One of our favorites is Pooh and The Grand and Wonderful Day. The general idea of the story is that Pooh forgets its his birthday and wanders all over the 100 Acre Wood looking for his friends. They are all, of course, hiding from him in order to throw him a surprise party complete with balloons and a cake. Since my son just turned two, we always end this book by singing Happy Birthday to Pooh and talking about cake.

I can't tell you how the actual text in the book reads. This is one of those books in which we have shortened it to create our own story suitable to a two year old attention span. In other words, there are far more words on the page than we actually read. But it ends the same, regardless. There is a birthday. There is cake. And Pooh wears a hat. All is well.

One day he'll realize that I skipped a lot of the story but in the meantime, we just enjoy the company of our silly ol' bear.

(This photo was taken a year ago but it's still the same boy and the same Pooh.)


Alicia said...

Okay, that is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh we love Pooh! My husband has actually been reading the original books to our six year old, and they really enjoy it.

Here's mine!

ibeeeg said...

We love Pooh Bear (watching the older video versions) but have had a hard time getting into reading the stories. My older girl (11yo) loves Pooh Bear and has started reading our Pooh Bear hardcover book that has many stories.

Such a shame that TV has turned Pooh Bear into this clay animated type character.

Shanna said...

That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Tigger woman myself.

I reviewed The Horse and His Boy.

Anonymous said...

We love Pooh too! I have a nice book of Pooh stories, I should start reading them to my 5 yo.

Alyce said...

Wonderful picture! I love that Pooh is about his size, and is such a serious Pooh Bear. We have one that is very cartoonish that my boys liked when they were little.

Unknown said...

Fun -- coming up with your own short version.

I had a classic pooh (Of course they were probably all classic Pooh back then), but I slept with him forever.

Stephanie Kay said...

Thanks for commenting on my Tom Sawyer post. We love Pooh Bear around here, though I think Tigger is the current favorite. We especially like the original Pooh stories.

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