Thursday, November 20, 2008

Priorities, priorities....

My life seems to be in a constant state of flux these days. Things are changing on me left and right. One of the few constant things is that I'm still reading. For as long as I am breathing, I hope to be reading!

Of course, we're gearing up for the holidays and making plans and starting to get busy. I'll still be reading but I think I might focus solely on some old friends for now and set The Faerie Queen aside in order to relax. We'll see.

If time is precious, no book that will not improve by repeated reading deserves to be read at all.
Thomas Carlyle

Time IS precious. And my reading appetite is going to have to be curbed for only the most pleasurable and useful. For me, that primarily means an escape to Narnia and Prince Edward Island.


1 comment:

Sky said...

Omigoodness ditto!

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