Saturday, November 08, 2008

Saturday Review of Books Highlights (for me)

Sherry at Semicolon nicely hosts Saturday Review of Books and I'm here merely to highlight some of MY favorite reviews of the week.

First up we have The Dog No One Wanted which was reviewed by Bookie Wookie. I don't want to point out the book to you so much as I want to point out the blog! Some dad had the fantastic idea of reviewing books with his kids. In their review, the dad leads the conversation and the kids add their commentary (and artwork) in accompanyment. It's a fun idea. I love it! Go check them out. (I love family learning projects such as this one.)

Jama Rattigan reviewed Thomas Jefferson's Scrapbooks which I think is highly intriguing if you are in any way a lover of history. This type of book makes men and women of the past come alive. People like to bring famous historical figures down to their level and I don't mind it at all when we're discussing human figures. (I just have a problem when people try to bring God down to their level and humanize Him beyond recognition.) But this book looks like it could be just the ticket for making Thomas Jefferson a friend. Interesting thought, that! I'm curious.

Lastly . . . SHE DID IT! Sarah over at Library Hospital completed her reading of Bleak House and you can now view her thoughts on it. (You can see my
Reader's Diary "review" of Bleak House here. Congratulations, Sarah, on getting through that chunk of work!

Happy Weekend everyone!


jama said...

Lovely blog, Carrie! Thanks for mentioning my review :). I think I'm going to try the alphabet meme.

Sky said...

Reviewing books with your kids is a great idea!
I can't believe I have not done it myself. I shall have to remedy that....

Sarah M. said...

Next time, how about we pick a book that isn't quite so long... and maybe a little less daunting. :) Good luck with The Faerie Queen... I'm settling into a lot of quick reads for the next two months. I need a break.

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