Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Review Highlights - for me!

Sherry at Semicolon nicely hosts the Saturday Review of Books and I'm here merely to highlight some of MY favorite reviews of the week.

This week all the reviews that I came across and LOVED happened to be children's books. First up, Bookie Wookie reviewed Through the Animal's Eyes.. It sounds awesome. I would assume it IS awesome too since they don't make a habit of reviewing books that they don't like over there. I've started checking out some of their recommendations and have been quite pleased so I feel like I NEED this book for our family Christmas reads next year. NEED it. Yes. I do. Really.

In a similar vein, Becky at Young Readers reviewed Hurry! Hurry! Have You Heard? She had some issues with the book but overall I think my two year old (upcoming three year old) would probably get a kick out of it. I'd be interested in that one also.

Jennifer reviewed Chester and Chester's Back over at 5 Minutes for Books and I think those books look totally cute. I love the storyline idea of having a cat try to take over Watts' writing. These books look like real winners. Has anyone else read them? I'm curious to look into those.

I know I've said it before but I really love looking through all of the reviews over at Semicolon's Saturday Reviews. I always find something interesting that I'm pretty sure I can't live without having read. It's a constant challenge to keep my TBR list in some sort of manageable state. Know the feeling? (It's a good one.)

But wait! One more before I go. Lastly, jama rattigan reviewed Christmas Farm which looks both whimsical and informative. We live in an area where there are a lot of Christmas tree farms and I think this book would be a useful tool to understanding our region a bit better. Plus it just looks like it's a good book to add to our Christmas reading celebration. (Heh. My husband just has to love this . . . ) I love how jama rattigan reviews children's books. She always provides a lot of information about the books which is so helpful in deciding whether or not you'd be interested in them. She wins again with this one and I look forward to reading it to my own kids!

Ok, now I'm done. For this week.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and I'm looking forward to reading along with many of you in 2009!


Z-Kids said...
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Z-Kids said...

We love Chester, haven't seen the sequel yet. We also really like Melanie Watt's Scaredy Squirrel books. Both series have a great non-traditional story telling style. She takes the picture book format and twists it a bit...

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