Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book Swap - 2nd Ed.

Book Swap
Do you have a book that you love and just can't help telling all your friends about... even those who aren't that into books? What if you were to find someone with an equal interest in books that you could swap your favorite book for their favorite book? Now's your chance!

Last fall I hosted a book swap with Sarah at Library Hospital. She hosted the event last time on her blog so this time it's my turn. We have a new updated button and, as we anticipate this to be a seasonal event, we invite you to copy this button and put it in your side bar. Here is the code for our button:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Book Swap" border="0" /></a>

During the last swap we invited you to share your favorite book with a friend. For our winter swap, we're going to try focusing on Children's Books.

The goal of the swap? To share much loved books with new found friends. Perhaps you've made friends with another mom blogger. Maybe you do not have kids but love children's stories. Perhaps you are collecting for your classroom or for a grandchild. Either which way, we invite you to join in and share your children's book of choice.

The rules of the swap?:
1. You only sign up to participate if you are actually willing to follow the rules.
2. Once you sign up you will be matched with another participant. You will take your favorite children's book of choice and mail it to your match and they will do likewise.
3. Books should be in Excellent, Like New, or New condition unless you and your match agree to another condition. **Please note** We are not expecting you to give away your only copy, but to pick your book to swap and then go get a new copy (or if out of print, a copy in good or like new condition) and send that to your match.
4. Book swaps are permanent unless you and your match agree to another arrangement.
5. You must have your book shipped to your match before the end of February.
6. Only the first 50 participants will be included in the swap. If this swap is successful we may increase the number for future swaps.

How to join in? Come back on the first of February and link your blog up to the Mr. Linky we will be providing. Sign up will remain open for 1 week or until the first 50 participants are signed up -- whichever comes first. So spread the word and be sure to check back here (at Reading to Know.) on February 1.

If you have questions, please leave a comment and either Sarah or myself will get back to you as soon as possible.


Sweet Child Kisses said...

Can't wait for the book swap! I will be back for sure on Feb. 1 to sign up!

Beth said...

Oh, this sounds fun! I will be back to sign up!

Adrienne said...

Count me in, I'll be back!

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