Friday, January 23, 2009

Date Night at the Movies

I'm full of Italian food and enthusiasm for the new Inkheart movie that came out tonight. We had such a fun date night out.

In case you were curious as to whether the movie was any good - I'd say it was. I speculated as to my ability to fully appreciate or understand the storyline without first having read the book Inkheart first. I'd strongly recommend that you do so but then I typically am of the opinion that the book should be read before the movie is seen if at all possible.

Yes, the movie strayed from the book in order to keep it at a tidy 106 minutes. They borrowed a bit from Inkspell to connect some dots with Dustfinger. I didn't really mind the implications though as I thought they implied more good of him than not. I don't want to spoil the plot in case you are unfamiliar (I really think the book is worth reading) with the story so I won't say anything specific.

In short, I thought the movie kept true to the spirit of the book. It was tastefully and well-done. It was intense and my heart was pounding through some of it. The Shadow was evil, but not scary evil. Capricorn was well-played (and my husband's favorite character portrayed in the film). My favorite was Dustfinger as I thought he was most accurately portrayed. The character I was most disappointed in was Meggie. I thought they picked a great actress but that they didn't allow her a chance to really shine in her role or make the viewers come to an understanding of the relationship she shared with Mo. (She only says Mo's name once or twice and you don't really know why she's saying the word "Mo". It's barely connected with her father!)

The thing about movies is that they are sometimes frequently lacking in character development. They simply haven't the time to fully describe situations, circumstances and people on film. (Hence you should really read the book.) A lot was missing but nothing that made me dislike the film. Nicely done and I hope Funke likes it. I think it treats her well.



ANovelMenagerie said...

You should go and enter this post on Mr. Linky on my Monday's Movie post from this week! It fits in perfect with the other movie and movie/book reviews!

Great review.


Anonymous said...

How have I missed so many good YA and JF books? Arrgh. . . more for my TBR list!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to read a positive review of this - the kids and I have been looking forward to it, but then I read an awful review and I got worried.

I read the book aloud to them a couple years ago, but it's been long enough that I don't think any minor changes will be a big deal.

~teachmom~ said...

We saw this today, without having read the book. We liked it. My 8 yr. old especially liked it. It brought it to life for her, these things called books.:)

Overall a good of these days I ought to get a hold of the book. :)

Ronnica said...

Nice review, haha. I don't know about reading the book (it doesn't really seem my type), but I probably won't see the movie, either. I try to avoid Brendan Fraser as much as possible, haha.

Marni said...

I love the book, but the movie previews haven't excited me about this book at all. Meg is the main character in the book, but from what I could tell they make Mo the main character in the movie. I wasn't excited about Brendon Fraser either.

DesLily said...

good review! I saw the movie and liked it! of course i like the books better, but that's ok.. it gave me some good visuals for the next time i read them!!

your hubby has good taste! I love Andy Serkis!!! (even as a villian!)

Stephanie said...

I so want to see this movie. I'm hoping we make it to see this in the theatre, but I'm not holding my breath. More than likely it will end up on my Netflix list. :) But I LOVED the book!

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