Thursday, January 29, 2009

L.M. Montgomery Challenge - Conclusion!

L. M. Montgomery Reading ChallengeAnd so we have come to the end of the L.M. Montgomery Challenge It's been an interesting month for me in many ways as I chose to spend my month learning about the woman who held the pen. I learned a lot. I thought and processed a lot. I also grew in my love for Anne and Prince Edward Island.

I did not cover as much ground as I was hoping to and yet at the same time, I confess that I'm ready to move on! I like being able to focus on particular authors and works but by the end of it all I'm ready for something new. That's about where I'm at. I will host this challenge annually, always in January. So if you didn't quite make it to Anne (or anything else) this month, come back next year and we'll give it another whirl. I don't mind starting my year out with a favorite author and its a nice chance to review my favorite works or pick up new things. For now, this is what I covered:

I read a YA biography entitled Maud: The Life of Lucy Maud Montgomery, by Harry Bruce.

I re-read The Poetry of Lucy Maud Montgomery to see if my feelings about it had changed. They really haven't.

I learned that Montgomery committed suicide.

I read The Alpine Path: The Story of My Career to see what Montgomery had to say about her writing success.

I read The Story Girl which ended up being my only piece of fiction for the month in relation to this challenge. (I meant to get to A Tangled Web but that didn't happen.)

I kept watching The Road to Avonlea and, of course I watched the movie (with my husband)!

I asked Kathie to talk about her modern day life on Prince Edward Island.

Lastly, I concluded my personal challenge by reading The Selected Journals of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Now I'm anxious to see what everyone else read, learned and thought about this past month. Here's the Mr. Linky! I'll be out of town for a few days but when I get back I intend to go around and visit you all to see what you had to share. If you don't hear from me promptly, it's because I'm offline for a bit.

Part of the point of this challenge was to visit with each other so I do hope that you'll not only leave a link to your thoughts and reviews but that you'll visit each other also.

Hope you had fun! Thanks for being a part of this.


Stephanie Kay said...

I really enjoyed this challenge! I think Anne is a great way to start every year. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, I've enjoyed reading all your writing on LM Montgomery. I can't seem to find a Mr Linky, it's not loading when I click on your blog.

So, here's the link to my review, I only got time to read Anne's House of Dreams: Anne's House of Dreams, a sort of review.

Another Bend in the Road

Anonymous said...

I ought to note that since last night I have edited my post, but the link is still the same (see comment above).

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this. I have loved the Anne books for years, but now I know Pat as well. And I plan to spend time getting to know Emily later this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a part of this challenge but I enjoy reading everyone's reviews.

I have chosen your blog for an award - "Your Blog Is Fabulous". It really is! (See the award at

Patricia said...

I enjoyed reading more of LM Montgomery's work as I only read Anne before. So I am grateful to Carrie for having this idea. I have posted my comments on my blog at
The Wandering Teacher
I hope you enjoy them.

Trish said...

Aha, so that is why so many of the people I visited during What's On Your Nightstand were reading LM Montgomery books - I thought it seemed a little too much of a coincidence!

Are you going to do another challenge like this?

Kipi said...

Carrie, I didn't get my review up until today, and Mr. Linky is gone. Here is the link to my post:

Thanks for hosting! I'll be here next year! I want to read some of her books outside of the Anne series.

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