Friday, February 27, 2009

Say It Forward - Fashioned Forward

awardTime for another Say it Forward carnival at 5 Minutes for Mom in which we bloggers are allowed the opportunity to recognize people who comment frequently on their blogs and websites. I'm glad that several of you DO comment frequently. It allows me a better opportunity of getting to know you. In turn, I'm encouraged to go and learn even MORE about you on your own blogs. It's a sweet cycle.

So this week I've gotta introduce you to another old friend of mine. Last week I introduced you to Sky. If you recall, I met Sky when I lived in Corpus Christi, Texas. This next commenter also grew up in the same area as myself and is a friend to Sky as well. Meet Calon Lan (not her real name, of course). She and I go back to diapers together, in that we were both still wearing them when our parents met. Calon Lan married and moved away before I did and we reconnected through our book blogs. Check out her book blog, Dwell in Possibility. I love how differently she approaches books, reading and learning in general. She continuously inspires and encourages me to try things I previously thought I'd hate. She makes classics sound interesting. I really, really admire her a great deal.

Her latest venture into the world of blogging is Fashioned Forward, a fashion/beauty site.

Now, if you've ever seen any full body pictures of me or happen to know me in real life, you'll be acutely aware of the fact that I'm not really into fashion. I'm way more into jeans and a comfortable t-shirt. Tennis shoes? I'm right there. I should also mention that I only wear two pairs of shoes consistently and I wear my tennis shoes more than the other pair. Some of my friends wish I wouldn't do this.

When Calon Lan (and her sister!) started Fashioned Forward, I subscribed out of Elementary Good Friendship and nothing more. (True confessions.) However! I could not recommend this site to you more highly whether or not you give two hoots for the runway. These sisters are HILARIOUS when it comes to critiquing fashion and I read it for humor sake. I'm getting some serious jollies out of reading this blog (who would have ever thought!?) and so I'd encourage you to link up, subscribe, and otherwise do your thing to follow this new blog. It's hysterically funny and I think you'll get a kick out of it.

And then when you are done laughing about the latest clothes and commentary, you can return to Dwell in Possibility and be all brainy again. It's a fabulous balance and just another reason why I really like being friends with Calon Lan.

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B said...

Thank you! We're having a blast writing about fashion (and making fun of some of it too ;)

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