Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April 1st

This was Jonathan's favorite April Fool's Joke of the day.

Here is the original source, if you are wandering.

Then there's the non-joke of the day which really sounds like a joke (to me). Despite my utter lack of interest in doing the "Twitter Thing" and despite my fighting against adding the "Followers" application to my personal site here -- I've succumbed to both. I think it's fitting that I added the Followers application ON April 1st. Joke's on me sort of thing. At any rate, some of you have faithfully followed even though I had previously not acknowledged that. Thank you. I now officially tip my hat and bless you. (Your picture can be found on my sidebar.) But now that I HAVE added the Follower application, if some of you were previously hesitant to say anything, well don't be shy! I'll notice you.

Now. If you want to follow me on Twitter - you may. Only I can promise you that the only thing I will ever Twitter is exactly what you see here on this blog so you kinda don't need to. But if you want to because you'd just like to - well you can find me @Readingtoknow. Yes, you can.

I will now attempt to live as if I know nothing of this new technology, crawl back in my bubble, and fondly remember the old Blogger template that didn't let you do anything other than type and post.

Thank you very much and goodnight!


Ronnica said...

I've resisted the follower function and twitter, too! I think I'll keep resisting (of course, I don't have blogger on my site, so the follower thing would be a little difficult, anyway!)

Lisa Spence said...

I signed up for you've already figured out...but have yet to be a full fledged twitter-ee (?). Frankly, I find the whole thing a little puzzling? What do you think so far? Like? Not like?

Carrie said...

Don't understand the point of? (That's pretty much where I'm at with it.)

Kipi said...

Okay...I'm a follower and a twitterer! :D

You absolutely positively must read Scarlet!

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