Friday, May 22, 2009

Spring Book Swap

While I'm not writing many original posts these days, run over to my friend and cohort, Sarah's blog, A Library is a Hospital for the Mind to sign up for our next book swap! Rules are posted at her place and below for your convenience. This time we're swapping NON-FICTION BOOKS.

Go here for more information.

The Rules:
1. You should only sign up to participate in the book swap if you are actually willing to follow the rules. This means you are willing and able to respond within the set time-limits for the swap.
2. Once you sign up you will be matched with another participant. You initiate or respond to communications from your match concerning the books you will swap.
3. You must contact/respond to your match within one week of the sign-up ending and your match being made. You must have your book shipped to your match before the end of June.
4. You will select your favorite non-fiction book and mail it to your match and they will do likewise. Books can be mailed directly from an online source (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.) or purchased at a store and then mailed personally by the participant.
5. Books should be in Excellent, Like New, or New condition unless you and your match agree to another condition. **Please note** We are not expecting you to give away your only copy, but to pick your book to swap and then go get a new copy (or if out of print, a copy in good or like new condition) and send that to your match.
6. Book swaps are permanent unless you and your match agree to another arrangement.
7. Only the first 50 participants will be included in the swap. If this swap is successful we may increase the number for future swaps.

Hope you'll join in!

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Stephanie said...

Hey Carrie, I was thinking of you this morning and checking in on your family's blog ... I'm praying for your family!

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