Sunday, June 07, 2009

Day of Rest, Homemaking and Amusement


I usually don't post on Sundays but a friend of mine created a blog post after discovering this test for husbands of the 1930's to take to see if they made good husbands.

I had to find the 1930's test for What Made a Good Wife back then. Here 'tis in all it's glory (or, at least, the first page).

Let's just say I bet I'd rank really low on this test because I don't even wear "stockings" and if I did, I bet the seam wouldn't ever be straight. I also don't "dress for breakfast." Sometimes I stay in pj's for half of the day (much to Jonathan's chagrin). I always wanted to wear pajamas all day when I was growing up. I think a two year old gives me license. (Don't burst my bubble.)

Well, I do lack in many areas but hopefully I made it up for it a least a LITTLE bit this past week. I DO love a good bargain and we hit a banana bargain that I just couldn't pass up. One of our local grocery establishments marked all their too ripe bananas down to $0.39 a pound and I convinced Jonathan that it would be a good idea to buy ALL of them. Filled up the bottom part of the cart but it was worth it. One of the things I made was this No-Sugar Banana Strawberry Cake. (Click on the link for the recipe - I'm too lazy to retype it.) My cake (with some agave necture on the strawberries to make it just a little sweeter):

Because there really is nothing at all objectionable in the cake, I didn't mind letting Bookworm1 feast on it a little. It remains a sugar free cake entirely unless, of course, you wait until the kids go to bed and dump all the vanilla ice cream on it then you want. Kinda messes the concept up a little but it's sure tasty! Hopefully treats like this will make up for the fact that I haven't sewed a button back onto a shirt in four years.

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend being homey, taking some time to relax and just enjoy being!


Stephanie Kay said...

YUMMY!!!! {I completely support your pajama wearing bubble!}

Barbara H. said...

What a hoot that test is! I'm glad I don't have to wear nylons, much less keep the seams straight.

Funny how the test for men was so much longer!

The cake looks good!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

This cake is beautiful, and I bet it was delicious!

I revel in some areas of homemaking (like baking), but I'm a dismal failure at others. I often say my DH makes a better SAHM that I do. Oh well. At least my children have been exposed to all kinds of good literature. : )

BruceandBarbara said...

You are soooo funny! Thanks for being my friend.
Oh...the recipe looks awesome!

Sarah M. said...

Red nailpolish? They don't even mention on the toes... Puts the kids to bed personally... I'm doomed.

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