Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Pea, Little Hoot & Little Oink, if you please!

Hey! I just learned that Chronicle Books is having a big 35% off sale now through August 5th. They are the publishers of the following books which I reviewed (and L-O-V-E-D!!!) on 5 Minutes for Books. If you have any intention WHATsoever of picking up these books, I would encourage you to do so while Chronicle is blowing out prices! (I'm always in for a bargain!) 35% off plus free shipping. Hard to beat.

You can read my review of Little Pea and Little Hoot by clicking on the titles.

I loved the above two stories so much that I begged to be able to review Little Oink when it came out. Love it, love it! (Click to see my review of Little Oink.)

(Normally don't post about sales unless there's a title that I really think is worth picking up. If you DO decide to pick these titles up, don't forget to use the promo code "FRIENDS" when checking out!)

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming . . .


Mama Sky said...

I am really excited about these books! I must have them!

Ronnica said...

I think that's great...story telling is a great skill! And yes, let's leave poop out of it...

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