Thursday, September 17, 2009

Booking Through Thursday

Today's Booking Through Thursday looked fun so I'll jump in!

This week's Booking Through Thursday asks the following question:

What’s the most enjoyable, most fun, most just-darn-entertaining book you’ve read recently?

(Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean funny, since we covered that already. Just … GOOD.)

My answer is the unlikely:

It was enjoyable, fun and a completely unintended-from-the-book's-original-intent good for me read.

Look for a review of it next week!

Happy Booking Through Thursday!


Lisa (Southern Girl Reads) said...

Interesting choice! I'll be looking forward to your review.

zetor said...

Will keep checking for your review.

ibeeeg said...

Carrie...I am so going to look for your review. I am ever curious as to what you thought of this book.

B said...

I think this one would have amused me too -- and probably for all the wrong reasons. I'm curious to read your review.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Well now you have me curious! Waiting for the review!

Stephanie Kay said...

You've got me super curious!! Which of course is exactly what you intended.

Janice Phillips said...

ohwow, i cannot wait to hear your thoughts on THIS one!!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Ditto all the above!

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