Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fear + Trepidation + Obsession = New Blog

We interrupt our regular broadcast for a fleeting moment to unveil you to the latest project and reading goal.

Spread the word and join the club!

Reading My Library

Reading My Library

(It's all Amy's fault, really.)

I've already brought my first stack of books home and I'm on a roll!

And no, this does not mean I'm leaving Reading to Know in the lurch. I'll still be doin' my thing here as well.


CallMeIshmael said...

That. Is. AN AWESOME IDEA!!! Makes me wish I had kids myself!!! :D

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

Sure, blame me. . . . .:-) :-) :-) !!!

morninglight mama said...

Holy smoke-a-roo! This is ambitious, and so very cool!!

Marks of Faith said...

Looks great Carrie!

Stephanie Kay said...

What a great idea! We go to the library often, though I need to make a specific day of the week Library Day.

My kids LOVE it. One thing that helps me find books (hello, 4 kids under 6! Who can search the stacks like that?!) is the online catalog. I can find the books I want, put a hold on them and then just pick them up at the desk. :)

We still wander the stacks but it's more relaxed.

Sorry. Got off topic. I love this idea... and if I didn't have the previously mentioned 4 kids, home school, etc, etc, I'd join you!

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