Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday's Fave Five

Suzanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts this carnival every Friday for people to list their five favorite things for the week.

Here are mine! =)

1. I'm still on a John Waller kick from the other week. I've listened to his While I'm Waiting CD, oh, about a million times since then. Thanks for the tip, Cacey!

2. It was Bookworm1's birthday last weekend and we had a Knight in Shining Armor birthday party which was a lot of fun. Here is a picture of the cake in progress:

We had 11 young knights running around the place. Many of the party game ideas were gleaned from this website (if you have any young knights of your own). I really love celebrating birthdays. They are a big deal to me because they represent life, the giver of it, and the blessings within it.

3. We had some very dear friends over this week for dinner and a movie. We watched the following almost-classic which we always enjoy very much. Thankfully it had been awhile since we had seen it so it was funny again.

Before you look at the cover art, I would just like to say that it misresents the movie to some degree. The girl does not really make up the movie. It's pretty conservative as far as movies go. And, ok, I'm going to stop the disclaimers because I just like the movie and I think it's very funny.

It was good to laugh and share an evening with friends who were, consequently, celebrating their 46th anniversary!

4. For today:

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. Selah. Psalm 46:1-3

5. Tomorrow marks the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Thesis on the Church door in Wittenberg in 1517. To some this date is known as Halloween. For some of us we also remember that it is Reformation Day. To mark this celebration, I'm sharing one of Luther's most well-known hymns which has always been a favorite of mine and has new meaning this year in particular. And because Steve Green is one of my long time favorite artists, and he sings this in such a clear and straightforward manner, you get him:

Did we in our own strength confide,
our striving would be losing,
were not the right man on our side,
the man of God's own choosing.
Dost ask who that may be?
Christ Jesus, it is he;
Lord Sabaoth, his name,
from age to age the same,
and he must win the battle.

Blessings to you this weekend,



Melissa said...

Prayed you up this morning! Thanks again for the Waller're right, it's incredible!

Stephanie Kay said...

Looks like a funny movie. Michael Caine is one of my favorite actors. As long as he's in an American made film. The British made films bore me to pieces. :)

Susanne said...

Sounds like you throw some pretty good birthday parties! Happy birthday to your knight! :v)

I'm enjoying John Waller songs more and more.

Lisa notes... said...

I love your attitude on birthday parties. I'll try to remind myself of that when I have to plan for the next one.

Thanks for sharing the John Waller song. I hadn't heard anything but the Waiting song, so I'm glad to hear another one. Sounds great!

Ps 46: always worth reading over and over. Enjoy your weekend!

Jewel said...

I used a Psalm in my fave five too. I love love love the Psalms!

That's a good hymn too. Thanks for the reminder about Luther's holiday tomorrow. I had thought about it on Tuesday, but had forgotten again.

Brenda said...

The music video was unavailable for me to watch :( Maybe later. . . I'll have to look up that movie on NetFlix, my husband likes old movies and I don't remember having seen that one.

Jenna said...

I love John Waller as well! He's an amazing artist!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to your Knight!

Great faves this week!

Barbara H. said...

I'd not heard of that film -- looks interesting!

That is a tremendous hymn.

Kari said...

Sounds like you had a great week.
I would love to see your finished cake - that's so cool.
And yes birthdays are great. Your attitude is very right.

Happy weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.

TXDidi said...

Oh my goodness...My husband and I watched "Without a Clue" for the first time several months ago and we laughed ourselves silly. What a funny "take" on the Sherlock Holmes movies. How nice to see it getting its due.

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