Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where Else in the Wild?

If you (or your child even - heh) like looking for animals then I'd suggest looking at a copy of
Where Else in the Wild? This book is s sequel to Where in the Wild? In this book you'll find "Ear-tickling poems" by David M. Schwarts and Yael Schy" and "Eye-Tricking Photos by Dwight Kuhn."

When you open the book you are met with a picture of a bunch of seaweed. Or is it just seaweed? Somewhere in there is a little green crab that you are encouraged to find. But if you run into some trouble and can't quite find the creature, if you flip to the back of the book you'll find a hint.

Most pages, however, consist of a hidden animal. If you want a tip, then you can just open up the page spread and the animal will be pointed out to you.

My son absolutely loved this book. He really loves books in which you have to hunt and find things. If it includes animals, this is all the better. After a few times he did remember where all of the animals were and so reading through the book becomes a much quicker process. As a first or second read though, this book really is fun. (It's downfall comes if your child finds things easy and then memorizes where it is. It doesn't make for a fun book to read through multiple times. I didn't even have a chance to find them because daddy read it through with him first!)

The photographs are very clever and, of course, getting to lift up pages to discover the answer is a treat.

Very well done and definitely engaging.

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Sky said...

That sounds great, my boys and Z would definitely love those books!

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