Friday, November 20, 2009

Still Saying Goodbye

I posted this almost three years ago (come January). I didn't know what I was talking about then.

I probably only have a vague idea even now.

Today would have been Landon's 20th birthday. I would like to have been able to pop him an e-mail, at the very least, to wish him a happy birthday. It's been a long few months of daily goodbye-for-now. But we still have hope.

From SCC's new album, this song says it marvelously:

We'll keep waiting to see Landon again. But in the meantime, our God is in control.


Marks of Faith said...

I really love that SCS song...made me do a lot of thinking over what we've been through this year. And, of course I thought of you too!

Praying for you all!

Stephanie Kay said...

Praying God gives you a special gift from Himself today!

Annette W. said...

It's still hard, I know, but I'm glad you are able to share from your heart as you trust in God.

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