Friday, December 11, 2009

Eliot Jones, Superhero

To end the week on a fun note . . .

Why Eliot Jones, Midnight Superhero?

Because it's just fun, that's why.

"By day, Eliot is quiet.
He reads his books.
He feeds his goldfish.
He watches Mr. Smith wash his car.
. . .
But when the clock strikes midnight . . .

Eliot is a SUPERHERO!"

He swims, he climbs, he slueths. Then, he receives his most urgent and dangerous message ever -- a gigantic meteor is heading towards the planet earth. Whatever will he do? Well, thankfully Eliot has built a Meteor-Busting Rocket Launcher for just such occasions. Naturally, he saves the earth and is met with wild and thunderous applause. But being a superhero by night makes him one quiet, and tired boy during the day. But don't underestimate Eliot. He's not quite what you think!

I thought this book, written by Anne Cottringer and illustrated by Alex T. Smith was quite clever. It's like The Impossibles without squabbling children. Eliot is just a curly headed red head with a cool green cape whose only mission in life is to save the planet.

This is a really fun, goofy and silly story from Tiger Tales. Absolutely cute and fun in every way. Did I say fun? Just checking. Because if I didn't, I certainly meant to.


Anonymous said...

Oh! my! Gosh! My son's name is Elliot Jones! I want this book. Of course he's 14 and has wild brown curls instead of red hair, but still. If nothing else, his younger sister would use it as a source of mocking him. In love, of course.

Mama Sky said...

Max LOVES this book! (Yes, I let him open it!) LOVES it!
And I love the tongue in cheek tales of how Eliot "just happens' to know how to fly a rocket etc...
LOVELY! An excellent for fun book!

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